The Tottenham club suddenly posted a ‘black and white photo’, causing fans to worry.

Tottenham posted a black and white photo on the club’s official social media (SNS) on the 8th. The main character in the photo is Son Heung-min. I didn’t write a separate text under it, I just added an emoticon. It was a post with no purpose.

Fans were outraged. Local fans who saw the post on the evening of the 7th, local time in the UK, said, “Don’t post a single black and white photo without any explanation. He criticized the Tottenham club, saying, “I thought something big was going on with Son Heung-min”, “Why do you make me worry about Son Heung-min by posting a black and white photo”, “I almost had a heart attack (knowing that something dangerous had happened)”.

Black and white photos on social media mean a lot. It contains the meaning of mourning the catastrophe and praying for the souls of the legend who passed away. For example, news of the death of Pelena Maradona and the nth anniversary of the Munich disaster show black and white photos. When the Itaewon disaster occurred last year, each team commemorated the incident with black and white photos.

스포츠토토 On the other hand, Son Heung-min, who was unintentionally worried by fans, has recently been revived. He started against Manchester City last weekend and showed off his unique explosive dribbling and shooting skills. When he was substituted at the end of the second half, he sat on the bench to a standing ovation from the home fans.

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