Sergio Reguilon, who left on loan for Manchester United, will return to Tottenham Hotspur.

David Onstein, a reporter who works for the British media The Athletic, reported on the 2nd (Korean time), “Legilon returned to Tottenham after Manchester United invoked the clause to suspend the lease contract. The season’s lease includes a clause that allows him to return in January, and Manchester United has activated the option.”

Spain’s Regilon is a native of Real Madrid. He has a strong physique and shows influence on the left through aggressive attacks. He has grown significantly since he played as a starting player in the Sevilla FC, which he left on loan after the start of his professional career.

Afterwards, he transferred to Tottenham Hotspur in the 2020-21 season. As he secured the starting position from the beginning, he played as one of Tottenham’s various attack options. He also showed off his warm-heartedness by playing with Son Heung-min, who usually plays on the left side.

However, he lost his footing due to the injury. He also complained about his performance because he made frequent mistakes and became a bench player. After Antonio Conte’s appointment, Ivan Perisic and Ryan Sessegnon took over as key players.

Eventually, he left for Atletico Madrid on loan in the 2022-23 season to seek a rebound. However, he returned to Tottenham this summer without seeing any clear effect. He joined the pre-season and played since Enze Postecoglou’s appointment, but he still had a limited place to stand.

Reguilon chose to stay on loan again. He joined Manchester United at the end of the summer transfer window. At that time, United started to recruit Reguilon, losing Luke Shaw and Tyral Malacia to the left fullback position. Manchester United officially announced that “Reguilon has joined Manchester United on loan until June 2024.”

He failed to play many matches. During the first half of the season, Leguilon played only nine matches in the league, two matches in the UEFA Champions League and one in the English Football League Cup.

The increasing number of injured people seem to have ended their company with Manchester United. Onstein added, “Shaw has regained his stamina and Tyral Malacia is also close to returning. Manchester United have fewer matches scheduled for the second half of the season, with both being eliminated from the UCL and EFL cups, and have eventually decided to end their loan spell.” 랭크카지노

However, it is unclear whether Tottenham will be able to secure its position even if it returns to Tottenham. Tottenham is mainly using Destiny Udogi on the left. In order to secure playing time, they may have to find another team during the winter transfer market. Recently, Borussia Dortmund, which felt reinforced by its fullback position, is showing the strongest interest.

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