Lee Sang-hun (26, Gangwon FC) has emerged as the lone top scorer this season by scoring his sixth to seventh goals in the league against Jeonbuk Hyundai. Lee said he wants to lead Gangwon into a “storm team.”

Lee Sang-hun started in an away match of the sixth round of the K League 1 2024 between Jeonbuk and Hana Bank at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on Tuesday, and played for 79 minutes to score two goals. He led his team to a 3-2 victory.

Gangwon, which had two wins, three draws and one loss, moved up to fifth place with nine points. Gangwon, which fought for relegation last season, is showing off its changed form since the opening of this year’s league.

Lee Sang-hun presented Gangwon with the first goal in the 40th minute of the first half. Hwang Moon-ki collided with Jeonbuk goalkeeper Jung Min-ki while shooting, and the referee declared Gangwon’s penalty kick. Lee Sang-hun came out as a kicker and scored coolly.

Jeonbuk also won a penalty kick just before the end of the first half. It is because of Yoon Seok-young’s handball foul. The referee took it after VAR. The equalizer came out. Kim Tae-hwan, who played as a kicker, shook the net.

Kang again ran away. At the 24th minute in the second half, Kang hit a cannonball shot at the opposite goal post near the corner of the right box. It flew in a straight line to score.

Kangwon scored a decisive goal in the 28th minute of the second half. Yago drove the ball toward the edge of the box. He could have aimed to shoot directly, but gave the ball to Lee Sang-hun who was in the center of the gate. Lee’s first shot was blocked by the goalkeeper. However, he connected the ball back to the shot to score a goal. Lee Sang-hun scored his seventh goal of the season and led the way as the lone scorer. Prior to the match, Lee was tied with Ulsan’s Lee Dong-kyung with five goals.

Jeonbuk made up for one goal by firing a cannonball with its left foot during extra time in the second half. However, there was no equalizer.

The game ended with a one-goal victory for Gangwon. 여우알바

“I’m happy to get three points,” Lee Sang-hun, who was selected as a leading player for the day, said. “I was lucky to get a point because I got a chance. As a team, we are also playing the soccer that we prepared in Turkey. It’s still not good enough, but we will improve the quality and play more Gangwon-do soccer.”

Lee Sang-hun, the lone top scorer (seven goals), said he did not expect to score so many goals. “I never expected it. I just wanted to be helpful to the soccer that my team wanted to play. I want to sacrifice myself so that I can continue to play good soccer in Gangwon Province.”

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