KBO President Heo Heo-yeon stood at the National Assembly Audit Office. There must have been some things I didn’t mention. After completing his inspection of government affairs, he came out and actively appealed his opinion while also reflecting.

President Heo Heo-yeon attended the 410th National Assembly Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee audit held at the main building of the National Assembly on the 24th as a witness. Representative Yoo Jeong-ju, a member of the National Assembly Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee, requested President Heo as a witness.

Governor Heo, who met with reporters after the National Assembly inspection, expressed regret and said, “We are in the middle of a post-season festival…” and then began by saying, “I studied a lot to give a sincere answer because the National Assembly said it would be held.”안전놀이터

Regarding the case of a contract that differs from the contract contents in the KBO yearbook claimed by Representative Yoo Jeong-ju, President Heo said, “It has been done that way as a custom. If you look at the contract submitted to the KBO, there is a blank space in the down payment. That is why the down payment was not announced. The same was true for options. “He said, “Starting from 2019, a unified contract must be created so that such things cannot be included. If the special contract clause is violated, the club will be fined 1 billion won and cannot participate in the draft. The player will also be banned from playing for a year. However, not all, but not all, will be subject to the club until 2018. Therefore, there is a contract signed with the player, and there is a contract submitted to the KBO. (Representative Yoo Jeong-ju) said that. That is correct. There was a practice,” he said, admitting that the KBO was also at fault to some extent.

However, from 2019, there is absolutely nothing wrong. I entered the special contract details clearly and confirmed once again that there were no errors in the total amount.

President Heo Heo-yeon said, “Things like this should not happen in professional sports. I agree with that. That’s why I immediately referred the case of general manager Jang Jeong-seok to the prosecution. Shouldn’t this make the sports world more alert? ‘I can’t do something like this anymore. It’s going to be a big problem.’ “As you think about it, positive functions will arise,” he emphasized.

Finally, President Heo Heo-yeon delivered words of reflection. After reflecting, President Heo said, “I understand that three presidents, Shin Sang-woo, Koo Bon-neung, and Jeong Woon-chan, appeared in the national inspection. We need to prevent something like this from happening. To prevent something like this from happening, the KBO and the clubs need to do a better job.” Whether it was 7 years ago or a few years ago, we must not distance ourselves. Professional baseball is the number one sport. How much love it receives. I am truly grateful to the fans. All baseball players must do well with a sense of duty and responsibility. Loved. “We need to play well, raise the level of the game, and provide good fan service,” he said emphatically.

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