Seol Young-woo (Ulsan), who resolved his military service issue by winning a gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, was expected to perform on a bigger stage.

The national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, will play friendly matches against Tunisia (Seoul) on the 13th and Vietnam (Suwon) on the 17th.

Coach Klinsmann, who has two warm-up games ahead of him, summoned the players to Paju NFC on the 9th. Among the Hwang Seon-Hong members who won the Hangzhou Asian Games on the 7th, Seol Young-Woo, Lee Kang-In (Paris Saint-Germain), Jung Woo-Young (Stuttgart), and Hong Hyun-Seok (Gent) also joined.

Seol Young-woo, who participated in the Asian Games as a wild card and helped win the gold medal, appeared at Paju NFC with Lee Kang-in.토토사이트

Before the first day of training, Seol Young-woo met with reporters and said humbly, “I was very happy to win the Asian Games. I did almost nothing in the competition. It was about 5% of the winning stake.”

Seol Young-woo is a fullback resource that Korean soccer is paying attention to. Seol Young-woo, who was called up to the A national team last month, was immediately called up to the Asian Games national team and played in the Asian Games. After he completes the Asian Games, he must join the A national team and complete the October schedule without stopping.

Seol Young-woo, who was once again in front of new competition, said, “The competition is fierce whether it is the Asian Games national team or the A national team. However, the A national team has no age limit, so anyone can join as a competitor. It is difficult, but you can grow further if you overcome the competition and become a starting player.” I made up my mind.

Seol Young-woo can play both left and right fullback, so he is a good resource for the national team. He was born in 1998, making him the only one of the four fullbacks in his 20s.

Seol Young-woo said, “As the youngest of the fullbacks, I think he plays a lot and has good recovery ability. However, it is true that compared to his older brothers, he lacks experience and lags behind in skill. I will watch and learn well from the national team so that I can be named to the national team again.” .

He added, “Because I play an offensive role in Ulsan, I get a lot of criticism for my defense. With the national team, I will focus more on defense and develop into a player with a good balance between offense and defense,” and added, “If I am given a chance with the national team, I will play hard.”

Originally, Seol Young-woo was scheduled to complete his military service by enlisting in Sangmu after finishing this season. However, by winning this Asian Games, he received military service benefits and was able to continue his career in Ulsan.

Seol Young-woo said, “In the long view of my soccer career, resolving the military issue is a good opportunity. There may be better opportunities in the future.” He added, “First, I will focus on Ulsan’s K-League and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League.” revealed.

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