“It takes time.”

The potential is sufficient. However,꽁머니사이트 it does not explode as if it will explode. Lotte’s concerns about Han Dong-hee (24) are deepening. I have been wandering around all season without finding my place. Even though it seemed to be getting better, it was often shaken again. He had a batting average of 0.217 (35 hits in 254 at-bats), 4 home runs and 28 RBIs in 77 games. The win contribution (WAR) compared to the substitute player is also negative (-0.34 based on stats). As the batting sluggishness continued for a long time, it even affected the defense. Eventually he drew his sword. On the 7th, it was canceled from the first team entry. This is the second time this season.

He decided he needed time to reorganize. Basically, what is expected from Han Dong-hee is a strong batting ball. This is the background that coach Larry Sutton said, “I think I need to practice pushing in the direction of shortstop or right field rather than pulling.” It is also urgent to more clearly establish his own zone. Because I am in a hurry, my bat keeps hitting bad balls. Coach Sutton said, “Remembering when Han Dong-hee had a good sense of hitting, the zone control was good. He said, “I hope he shows a little more development in that part.”

Mentally, I hope to refine it once again. This is the first season after Lee Dae-ho’s retirement. Numerous eyes turned to Han Dong-hee, who was called ‘Post Lee Dae-ho’. Even being placed in the center of the batting line a lot of times, the pressure must be high. Rather, he put more energy into his desire to do well. Coach Sutton explained, “Hitters need to be able to think as simply as possible when their cycles fall off.”

Lotte is struggling a bit to fight for the top 5. In order to speed up, Han Dong-hee’s rebound is desperately needed. Above all, he is waiting for a shot that will pierce his blood. As of the 8th, Lotte has 43 team home runs, the fewest among 10 clubs along with Kiwoom. I have a busy road to go, but I try not to rush. A call-up time has not been set. Coach Sutton said, “I need time,” and then said, “Han Dong-hee is a player who always tries his best for the team. I believe that he will prepare hard in the second group,” he emphasized.

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