The Samsung Lions, who are going through an era where their pride
as a prestigious team that has existed since the first year of the KBO League has been overshadowed,  ended the season in 2023 by meeting a fall without ‘fall baseball’  .안전놀이터 It seems difficult  for Samsung, which finished the season in 8th place  with 61 wins, 1 draw, and 82 losses, barely avoiding the  bottom, to avoid a major change. Reporter Seok-won summarizes Samsung’s disappointing year of 2023  . ◀Reporter▶ The last home game with a crowd of 10,000 won. Samsung Lions won the match against SSG. The ending was spectacular with  Oh Seung-hwan’s 400th career save record  , but Samsung’s time in 2023 was cruel and harsh. Expectations for the season were high  when the team took the lead  in the exhibition games ahead of the opening  , but they finished the season in 5th place in mid-May  and never returned to the top rankings. Rather, after falling to the bottom at the end of June,  the team stayed in last place for the entire month of July,  increasing the sense of crisis about being in the bottom for the first time since its founding. It showed signs of recovery in the second half of the year and  slightly improved its ranking in mid-August  , avoiding the humiliation of being in last place for the first time since its founding, but  the devastation of the result is not obscured. Between the misfortune of injuries to key players and  the limitations of the bullpen’s poor performance,  Samsung was unable to find any solution. . It is comforting to know that the team’s core members are younger and  that they agree on the need for change  . ◀ Won Tae-in, Samsung Lions pitcher ▶ “I’m looking forward to it because it seems like something I can look forward to next year (growth of young players), and if I improve a lot and establish myself as a better pitcher, I’m sure to get good results next year. “I think so.” Samsung sold out four times, including the final home game, and  ranked 5th in team attendance, higher than the team ranking  . Samsung, which finished 144 games first  with the LG Twins, who won the regular season  following Kiwoom Heroes, who finished in   last place , is preparing a decision with its will for the next season  . “ Samsung, which   has received a shabby report card despite the support of its fans,  seems unable to avoid a big change at the end of the season. This is Seokwon from MBC News.” (Video reporting by Bo-wook Han, Moses Jang)

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