After Son Heung-min (32, Tottenham) and Lee Kang-in (23, Paris Saint-Germain) were known to have had a physical clash on the eve of the 2023 Qatar Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup semifinal match against Jordan, speculation about the situation of the day and accusations of personal attack against the players are going too far. Now there are voices of self-reflection that speculation and criticism should be stopped.

Lee Kang-in is currently being criticized by public opinion. Just the situation that Lee Kang-in turned on Son Heung-min, a nine-year senior and captain of the national team, has increased the guilt of “reversal.”

Some fans speculate and criticize Lee Kang-in’s behavior through videos circulating on SNS. YouTube is full of speculative videos attacking Lee Kang-in’s personality, and most of these videos have more than hundreds of thousands of high views.

In particular, Lee Kang-in’s family also caught fire, beyond criticizing him based on the fact that Lee Kang-in passed only three times to Son Heung-min in the match against Jordan.

As Lee Kang-in’s image fell in an instant due to the incident, it became a hot topic for companies that used him as an advertising model to temporarily take down Lee Kang-in’s advertising photos.

Son Heung-min is receiving great support and comfort, but at the same time, he is being criticized by some fans. Beyond pointing out that he failed to do his part as a captain, there are speculative criticisms such as “Why are you passing all the blame on Lee Kang-in,” “It’s acting that your fingers hurt,” and “It’s Son Heung-min who reported it to the British media.”

So far, nothing has been officially revealed about the conflict within the squad on the eve of the match against Jordan (5th local time in Qatar). The article reported and the soccer officials testified on YouTube. Even this is mixed.

The pass record between Lee Kang-in and Son Heung-min in the match against Jordan is also not objective evidence of conflict. Pass records vary a lot depending on the opponent’s tactics and type. According to AFC, Son Heung-min only received two passes on average from players other than Hwang In-beom (11 times, Zvezda). Rather than Lee Kang-in “intentionally did not pass” to Son Heung-min, Jordan “effectively controlled Son Heung-min.”

Soccer officials said, “There should be no fight within the squad, but it is true that it can come out to any team. Even if a fight is intense, most of them reconcile and pass by on the spot. We don’t know if this is a serious conflict or if it was all organized right after the fight,” he explained.

The voice of emotional criticism of the players means nothing at this point. It is time for fans to stop over-the-top criticism, and the KFA must come to a conclusion on this matter before the A-match takes place next month. First, the KFA will have to discuss as soon as possible whether to select both Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in for the next A-match or decide not to recruit a specific player. 고소득알바

In order to protect the players, the government should clearly state the truth on the day of the heated competition. It should also be clarified whether it is its stance that the government will decisively disclose the truth through investigation or that it will block further discussions to protect players. It should also be clarified whether it is its stance that the government should not comment on the issue. Just as Jurgen Klinsmann has decided to replace coach Jürgen Klinsmann while watching public opinions, it is the players and their fans who will be hurt if they spend time while watching public opinions.

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