Cristiano Ronaldo (39) seems to have burst into jealousy. When he failed to win the award, he undermined his authority.
“Ronaldo recently won the Maradona Award at the 2023 Globe Soccer Awards,” Spanish media Marca said on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time). He became the top scorer with 54 goals last year, and he had an interview emphasizing his skills and determination.”

Ronaldo was honored as the top scorer in the global soccer league in 2023. Ronaldo, who mainly played in the Saudi Arabian professional league, scored more goals than Erling Hallan of Manchester City, Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain, and Harry Kane of Bayern Munich and former Tottenham Hotspur. In an interview with his local media outlet Hecord, Ronaldo said, “I am proud to have surpassed Holland, Mbappe and Kane.”

However, he downplayed the award he received. He blasted the most prestigious Ballon d’Or in soccer. Last year’s winner was Lionel Messi of Inter Miami. Ronaldo said, “I am familiar with Ballon d’Or. I am also familiar with how the organization works,” adding, “Honestly, Ballon d’Or has lost credibility now. We need to analyze the entire season. Of course, 월카지노도메인 this does not mean that Messi, Holland, and Mbappe were not eligible for the award.”

“I just don’t believe in awards anymore. I’m not saying this just because I won the Globe Soccer award. But don’t you look at the record and give it to me? Numbers can’t deceive people,” he said.

“Statistics say,” said the Glove Soccer Awards when it came to Ronaldo’s award for Maradona. Ronaldo reached a staggering 54 goals in 2023. He has risen to the top scorer in the world. At the age of 38, Ronaldo was unrivaled in performance. He showed outstanding skills, constant dedication, sacrifice and outstanding physical skills.”
He added, “Ronaldo is a top player. It has had an important influence on the Arab world. He took on new challenges with the utmost professionalism. He reaffirmed his position as one of the soccer legends. Ronaldo has surpassed the likes of Mbappe, Kane, and Hallan. Ronaldo has continued his fame and stellar career at Al-Nasr.”

Since moving to Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo has constantly praised soccer in the Middle East. “SPL is a more difficult league than France’s Ligue 1,” Ronaldo said in an interview with a local media. That comment could have been a shot at Messi. Messi once played for Paris Saint-Germain for one season after ending his career with FC Barcelona. At that time, Messi showed fantastic teamwork with Mbappe and put his team at the top of League 1.

Messi is making soccer history even after his move to Miami. Time, a leading U.S. magazine, named Messi as the first non-American player of the year. It is Messi who has changed the status of the league. According to Time, midfielder Benjamin Kremaski (18), Messi’s Miami teammate, said, “Messi elevated the status of the league. His teammates are considering playing in the American Major League Soccer (MLS) rather than overseas. Players who are already enjoying their prime can also challenge for MLS.”

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