Real Madrid is burning its will to recruit Kylian Mbappe (25, Paris Saint-Germain).

Spanish media “Cadena Kope” reported on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time), “Real is ready to make an unprecedented financial offer to recruit Mbappe in the transfer market this summer.”

Mbappe is currently considered one of the best strikers in the world. Since joining PSG in 2018, he has made 240 goals and 104 assists in 287 games and has risen to the ranks of world classes.

Mbappe has displayed remarkable performances this season as well. Mbappe has scored 28 goals and six assists in 27 games across all competitions. He has been a great player in the world.

Compared to his excellent skills, his future at PSG is uncertain. Mbappe is said to have decided to leave the team without further extending his contract with PSG, which expires in June.

It is not just a rumor. Mbappe conveyed his intention not to issue a contract extension clause from last summer. For this reason, rumors of a transfer that took place all summer last year were rampant.

Real is considered the next most likely destination. Real, which has shown interest in recruiting Mbappe since 2022, plans to bring Mbappe to free agency this summer.

Real’s interest in Mbappe is not sudden. Real has been pushing for Mbappe to sign him since 2022 when his contract was about to expire.

The challenge didn’t end there. When the relationship between Mbappe and PSG drastically cooled last summer, he even seriously considered recruiting him after paying a hefty transfer fee.

This summer, Real Madrid decided not to let Mbappe slip away. According to the latest report, Real cannot pay Mbappe more than 15 million euros in annual salary, but it plans to persuade him with additional benefits.

The specific conditions were also disclosed. “Real is ready to provide Mbappe with a 60 million euro bonus and a 60 percent stake in portrait rights,” Kadena Kope said.

The joining bonus is completely different from the transfer fee. While most of the transfer fee is delivered to the player’s team, the joining bonus is the profit that the player can immediately collect. Mbappe’s mind is likely to be shaken by the huge amount of joining bonus. 라바카지노주소

Portrait rights guarantee the maximum for Real Madrid. Considering that even Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best players in the club’s history, owned 60 percent of the portrait rights, the treatment would be the highest ever in the team’s history.

It is not enough to guarantee the recruitment of Mbappe. The media reported, “PSG will provide Mbappe with better conditions financially than Real anyway. If Mbappe stays, he will be able to maintain an annual salary of more than 70 million euros.”

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