Power is usually the most important factor in determining a hitter’s power ranking. This is because, while there are many other metrics that are important, home runs are an integral part of a hitter’s performance.

However, if the accuracy of your batting 토토사이트 is above the norm, you can still hit home runs. This is the case of Luis Arajuez, the current leader in batting average in the major leagues.

On August 8th, MLB.com, the official website of Major League Baseball, released the top 10 power rankings for hitters. At the top of the list is Araujo, who has one home run.

Araújo beat out a lot of great hitters for this spot, but it’s his batting average. Araujo broke the .400 mark in the last seven days and hit .403 in the eighth.

We have a hitter who can challenge the 4% mark again. The last time a major leaguer hit .404 was in 1941. Ted Williams hit .406.

Since then, a number of hitters have attempted to hit .406, but all have failed. The closest was Tony Gwynn, who hit .394 in 1994.

Arajuez, in his fifth year in the majors, has shown the most promise in terms of accuracy early on, hitting .334 in his rookie season in 2019.

Last year, in his first full-time season, Araujo hit .316 to deny American League Most Valuable Player (MVP) Aaron Judge the Triple Crown.

If Arajuez continues his recent hot streak, the potential for a four-hole hitter, something that was once thought to be a lost art, could heat up.

Meanwhile, Ronald Acuña Jr, Freddie Freeman, Jordan Alvarez, Yandy Diaz, Bo Bissett, J.D. Martinez, Mookie Betts, Marcus Semien, and Pete Alonso follow Araujo in the Power Rankings.

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