It is actually none of our business to know who won, but North Korea defeated China and brightened the prospects for the Paris Olympics.

On the 26th, China lost 1-2 to North Korea in the first match of the 2024 Paris Olympics regional qualifiers held at the Xiamen Sports Center Stadium in China.

In the 4th minute of the first half, North Korea’s Ji So-yeon and Seung Hyang-sim scored the first goal, in the 6th minute of the second half, China’s Yan Jin-jin made up for it, and in the 30th minute of the second half, North Korean player Han Jin-hong scored the winning goal, putting North Korea up 2 points. Won with -1.

The first goal, scored in just four minutes, was thanks to North Korea’s overwhelming speed.

Hong Song-ok, who broke through the right side, handed the ball to Seung Hyang-sim, who was between three Chinese defenders, and Seung Hyang-sim fired a right-footed shot into the corner of the goal.

North Korea conceded a goal due to a substandard mistake.

In the 6th minute of the second half, goalkeeper Yu Son-geum, who was handling an aerial ball, made a mistake in punching, and the ball went to Wang Yan-wen. After receiving Wang Yanwen’s pass, Yan Jinjin scored into an empty goal.

China played a somewhat strange game after that. Perhaps due to pressure from North Korea, they wasted time by moving the ball from behind rather than actively attacking. It seemed like the intention was to just draw.

However, North Korea refused to shake China’s hand. In the 30th minute of the second half, Lee Hye-kyung, who caught the ball from behind, made a fantastic out-front pass that even male players could not do, and made a fantastic out-front pass to the front line.짱구카지노 주소

Like Quaresma’s pass, the ball was accurately delivered between the two Chinese defenders and was connected to Han Jin-hong, who was in that position. Han Jin-hong broke through Wang Shanshan, who was defending, and scored in a 1-1 situation with the goalkeeper, giving North Korea victory. Completed.

With this victory, North Korea overcame their difficult enemy, China, and comfortably prepared for the next match in second place in the group. The next opponent at 4:30 PM on the 29th is Korea.

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