recent atmosphere of the Pohang Steelers, who are challenging to win the league for the first time in 10 years, is truly at its peak.토토사이트

The Pohang Steelers, led by coach Kim Ki-dong, are dominating the league this season by showing off the best aspects of the league. As of the end of the 32nd round, they have recorded 15 wins, 13 draws, and 4 losses, earning 58 points, and are maintaining their sole place in second place after Ulsan Hyundai, which is leading alone with 66 points, among the 12 teams in the league. They are ranked first as the team with the fewest losses and are showing off as a strong opponent that threatens leader Ulsan.

Pohang’s ‘AGAIN 2013’ is in full swing at the end of the season.

Coach Kim’s Pohang goals must have been clear at the beginning of this season. It was to participate in the league championship race between Ulsan and Jeonbuk. After the season opened, it was truly smooth sailing. Pohang, who had gotten off to a good start by winning two consecutive league games since the opening, recorded five wins, four draws, and an undefeated streak through the ninth round.

They suffered a brief setback with two consecutive losses in rounds 10 and 11, but bounced back with 2 wins and 2 draws through round 15. The mood seemed to be dampened for a moment with a 4-2 loss to Gwangju FC in round 16, but they continued until round 20. Again, they achieved good results with 3 wins and 1 draw. 

In the 21st round, their pride was crushed by a 1-0 loss to their east coast rival Ulsan Hyundai, but they began to fully recover by going undefeated in 11 league games. Including the Asian Champions League schedule, they have recorded 7 wins and 6 draws in 13 official matches. They beat Gwangju-Daegu-Seoul-Incheon-Jeonbuk, which were competing fiercely in the mid-tier, and took sole second place, closely chasing leader Ulsan by 8 points.

Pohang, who is challenging for the league title with coach Kim Ki-dong, the league’s most famous player, naturally reminds us of the 2013 season, when they last won the league. In the 2013 season, under coach Hwang Seon-hong, who is currently in charge of the Asian Games men’s soccer team, he won the team’s fifth title by defeating Ulsan in the league, and won the FA Cup by defeating Jeonbuk Hyundai, which boasted the best power at the time, to achieve a ‘double’. I have experience recording.

With the 2013 season recording a dramatic win and the 2023 season challenging for a dramatic league title, and the possibility of winning the FA Cup and league, Pohang is trying to bring home the title with this foreign striker at its center.

‘Jeka’, the best striker in the league and an all-rounder

This is Zeka, a Brazilian special who was recruited in this winter transfer market. Zeka, who left Mirasou FC (Brazil) and moved to Daegu FC on loan last season and entered the Korean stage, showed irreplaceable performance in Daegu and emerged as a top striker in the league in his first season in Korea.

Zeka, who recorded a respectable performance of 7 goals and 7 assists in 28 league games for Daegu, which fell into the relegation zone last year, received a love call from coach Kim Ki-dong as soon as his rental contract with Daegu expired and chose a permanent transfer to Pohang Steelers to challenge himself in the K-League. I continued. Jeka, who joined Pohang, whose team tactics and colors are 180 degrees different from Daegu, performed flawlessly without any adjustment period, proving that the performance he showed last year was not ‘sparkling’.

Jeka, who started the season by being assigned number 9 before the season opened, began producing offensive points in earnest by assisting Jaehee Jeong’s tying goal in the opening game. Jeka, who produced attack points one after another against Gangwon-Jeonbuk-Gwangju-Ulsan-Daejeon, led Pohang’s upward trend. He played the role of perfectly emphasizing coach Kim Ki-dong’s offensive tactics and also played a perfect linkage play with the league’s best second-line resources such as Kim Seung-dae, Ko Young-jun, and Kim In-seong.

This season, he played in 32 games, scored 10 goals and provided 7 assists, ranking 5th in the highest individual scores and tied for 2nd in assists. Jeka, who plays the role of a problem solver and helper brilliantly, is indispensable to director Kim Ki-dong’s offensive tactics. Zeka, who not only plays the role of a front-line striker, but also plays the role of a side striker and an attacking midfielder, is very active as a hexagonal striker with the ability to control aerial balls and decent speed given his height of 192 cm.

What is even more surprising about Zeka this season is that there are no ups and downs. Jeka, who has been consistently active since the beginning of the season and is providing points to Pohang at critical moments, is showing more momentum as he progresses into the second half of the season. Zeka, who scored 5 points in the last 6 league games, showed off his power by recording an assist hat-trick in the Asian Champions League 1st round match against Hanoi FC, and scored multiple goals in the 2nd round match against Wuhan Sanchi at home on the 4th. Recently, he showed tremendous production ability, scoring 7 goals and 3 assists in 8 league games.

Pohang, who was unable to use ace Ko Young-jun in the important league schedule in September due to his selection for the Hangzhou Asian Games, was able to maintain second place in the league thanks to Jeka’s crazy performance. With six games remaining, including the final round, the odds of challenging for a dramatic league championship have increased. Pohang will travel to Suwon Big Bird in the last game of the regular round and try to gain points against Suwon Samsung, which fell to last place.

There are now only six league games left in Pohang. Will Zeka, who has been providing powerful fuel for the Pohang Steelers, who are challenging for the league championship for the first time in 10 years since the 2013 season, keep the fire going until the end of the season?

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