A fierce ranking battle is unfolding in the K-League 1 beyond the middle of this season. In the lower ranks, the competition to get out of last place to avoid relegation to the K-League 2 (second division), and in the middle ranks, the struggle to enter the upper division is unfolding.

According to the Korea Professional Football Federation on the 10th, Gangwon FC, which has played 25 games per team this season, is currently at the bottom of the K-League 1 with only 17 points. 11th place is Suwon Samsung (18 points), and 10th place is Suwon FC (23 points). The gap is not large, so the ranking may change depending on the results of each game.

Although they are in the same lower rank, there is a big difference between 12th and 11th. The 12th place is automatically relegated to the K-League 2 champions. The 11th place has a chance to remain after going through a home-and-away promotion playoff with the K-League 2 runner-up team. The 10th place must compete for promotion with the playoff winner among the teams in the 3rd to 5th places in the K League 2.

However, the situation of the lower teams is not very good. Suwon FC defeated Suwon Samsung 2-0 on the 5th thanks to the performance of Lee Seung-woo, who transformed into a midfielder. However, on the 7th, foreign player Lars was caught driving drunk and met a major bad news that left the power. Lars was running second in the division with 14 offensive points (nine goals, five assists) this season.

On the 12th, Gangwon will meet Ulsan Hyundai, who are ranked first in the league. Gangwon lost to Ulsan twice this season. In particular, in the past 11 years, they are absolutely inferior with 4 draws and 21 losses. Suwon Samsung also has the burden of facing 3rd place Jeonbuk Hyundai in the 26th round match on the same day.

The middle ranks are in the midst of a ‘battle for 6th place’. From the 34th round, the teams ranked 1st to 6th and 7th to 12th will enter the final round, where they will be divided into groups A and B. You have to belong to Group A, which is given up to 6th place, to continue competing for the championship.

There is only a 7-point difference between 4th place FC Seoul (38 points) and 9th place Jeju United (31 points). This means that it can fall to the bottom in an instant. Gwangju FC (37 points) and Daegu FC (34 points) are ranked 5th and 6th, respectively, but we cannot be relieved. Daejeon Hana Citizen and Incheon United (above 33 points), who are ranked 7th and 8th, are aiming for a change in the rankings.메이저놀이터

Daejeon will face Seoul on the 13th, and Incheon will face Daegu. All of these teams belong to the middle ranks, and the rankings are expected to fluctuate once again depending on the results of the 26th round. Daejeon had 1 win and 1 draw with Seoul this season, and two draws with Incheon and Daegu.

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