“Brother, don’t worry about me and go quickly. There is a party to celebrate.”

His older brother Jason Kelsey (36, Philadelphia) said this to his younger brother Travis (34, Kansas City), who came to visit him after the Super Bowl, the championship game of the National Football League (NFL). On the 13th, they stepped side by side at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, USA, becoming the first brothers to face each other in the Super Bowl in 57 years of history. The older brother Jason won the 52nd Super Bowl in 2018 and his younger brother Travis won the Super Bowl in 2020, respectively.

His younger brother Travis, who won his second personal Super Bowl ring as Kansas City defeated Philadelphia 38-35, could not easily take his steps even after saying goodbye with the words “I love you, brother.” In the meantime, the mother, Donna, came down to the ground wearing a mix of her brother’s uniform and hugged her two sons in turn. 카지노사이트

His younger brother Travis laid the foundation for his team’s victory by advancing the longest distance (81 yards) in Kansas City that day, including a tying touchdown 6 minutes and 57 seconds before the end of the first quarter when the team was trailing 0-7. On the other hand, the Philadelphia offensive line led by his brother Jason allowed three sacks (knocking down the opposing team’s quarterback). At the same time, the older brother had to give up the ticket to the championship celebration party to his younger brother.

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