Throughout his tenure as the head coach of the Korean men’s national soccer team, Jurgen Klinsmann has been under fire more than anyone else in the team. However, two months after his dismissal, he is still proving that he is not qualified as a coach by blaming the player rather than reflecting on himself.

Coach Klinsmann recalled his work with the Korean national team on the 22nd (local time) during an appearance on the Austrian Serbus TV sports talk show.

“The young player (Lee Kang-in) said rude things to the old player (Son Heung-min). With that in mind, the two fought. Lee Kang-in dislocated Son’s finger,” Klinsman said, referring to the table tennis gate. “The two players stopped the fight because several people stepped in and stopped him. We talked the next day as well, but everyone was shocked and didn’t stay focused, and at that moment, we felt that we were no longer together.”

In the end, Klinsmann saw the two players fight in person as coaches and had conversations the next day, but felt that he could not form a “one team.” Still, he used Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in at the same time, which resulted in a loss to Jordan in the semifinals.

Klinsmann, who also said in a strange way, “I learned that the older side is always right in Korean culture,” defended his dismissal, saying, “In Korean culture, someone had to take responsibility. It was the coach’s turn because the players had to go to the next tournament.”

Throughout his tenure as the coach of the Korean national team, Klinsmann gave positive assessments to himself. “What matters is the Asian Cup,” Klinsmann said when he failed to win in five consecutive matches since taking the helm, but continued to remain in the semifinals, 노래방알바 which ended in vain after losing to Jordan, by saying, “I don’t think it’s a failure.”

Coach Klinsman even caused controversy due to frequent overseas departures even though the condition of “residing in Korea” was included in the contract during his appointment, and was satisfied that he fully grasped domestic players even though he did not actively appear at the K-League stadium. However, the domestic resource survey, which was insufficient, eventually led to the operation of only the players who used it, and Kim Jin-soo, who was injured when he came to the Asian Cup, and Lee Ki-je, who could not play for three months in his team, created a shortage of full-backs by picking up resources that were familiar to his face but were difficult to use immediately.

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