Kim Joo-chan, born in 2004, has emerged as a problem solver. Paradoxically, this is also the reality of Suwon Samsung.짱구카지노 주소

Suwon is still at the bottom. Suwon drew 2-2 against Daejeon Hana Citizen in the 35th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 29th. Suwon took a long-awaited 2-0 lead on this day with Kim Joo-chan’s first goal in the 20th minute and Acosti’s additional goal in the 29th minute. They held on well, but lost successive goals in the 35th minute of the second half (Tiago) and in extra time.

Suwon has not been able to rebound throughout the season. Directors Lee Byeong-geun and Kim Byeong-soo also stepped down and were reorganized under Yeom Ki-hoon as acting director, but it did not show much effect. Above all, the only player who has shown outstanding performance is striker Kim Joo-chan, born in 2004. Kim Joo-chan has already scored four goals and is tied for first place in scoring on the team. Like Oh Hyun-gyu (Celtic) last season, he is playing the role of ‘boy head of the household’.

This can be seen as a remarkable growth for a striker born in 2004, but it also proves that there is no problem solver in Suwon. Mulic, a foreign striker brought in as a replacement for Oh Hyun-gyu, played in 19 games and scored only 4 goals. Injuries continue to hinder him, and his appearances are erratic. Naturally, his game sense and stamina are not perfect.

Acosti, who showed a ‘crack’ aspect at FC Anyang in K League 2, also failed to meet expectations after transferring to Suwon. Acosti also appeared in 22 games due to injury, but scored 3 goals and 2 assists. He scores fewer points than Kim Joo-chan. The same goes for Byeongjun Ahn. Midfielder Kim Bo-kyung, who wore the Suwon uniform for the first time this season, certainly does not look like he was in his prime. He was not a regular starter under coaches Lee Byeong-geun and Kim Byeong-soo. In the acting system, Yeom is given the captain’s armband and plays as a starting player, but he does not seem to have much influence on the pitch. Above all , Suwon

started the important final round with 1 draw and 1 loss. The future schedule is also difficult. The ‘Suwon Derby’ will be played against Suwon FC (away) on the 12th of next month. Suwon Samsung lost all three matches against Suwon FC this season. And on the 25th, they have to play a ‘super match’ against FC Seoul (away). Both games are bound to be burdensome as they are rival matches. Suwon is going through a difficult time for one reason or another.

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