Song Kai, the new president of the Chinese Football Association (CFA), acknowledged that Chinese soccer is far behind Korea and Japan, but raised his voice saying that if East Asian neighbors can do it, China can do it too.

According to Chinese media <>, Chairman Song Kai held an inauguration press conference on the 25th and gave a 35-minute inauguration speech, conveying the message that Chinese soccer can also achieve it. Chairman Song Kai attracted attention by mentioning comprehensive reform from the national team to youth soccer and competition with Korea and Japan.짱구카지노 주소

Chairman Song Kai said, “China defeated Japan 5-0 in the 1917 Far East Championships. However, in 1987, China beat Japan 2-0 in the Asian final qualifiers for the 1988 Seoul Olympics,” adding, “They started falling behind in 1992. “For the previous 80 years, it had been overwhelming Japan,” he said.

He then raised his voice, saying, “It is not because we are inferior to Japan or Korea. If Korea and Japan can do well, we can do well too,” and then added, “But we need to first identify what the problem is, acknowledge it, and solve it. What is the problem and how far behind are we falling behind?” “I will figure it out,” he said, adding that the priority is to first resolve problems within the Chinese soccer world for the sake of Chinese soccer becoming stronger.

Chairman Song Kai’s inauguration came as the previous executive branch completely collapsed due to misconduct issues. Attention is focused on whether China can truly overcome its internal problems and produce the results it wants.

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