After being traded to Nexen in 2011, the baseball life of a big player named Byeong-ho Park (37‧kt) reached a turning point. His home run hit a lot, and in the following year, 2012, he hit 31 home runs and became the first home run king in his life. 카지노사이트

The story that followed is well known. Park Byeong-ho has won the title of home run champion a total of six times, including in 2022, and has recorded 362 home runs in his professional career, making it possible to break the 400 home run mark. It has completely solidified its image as the right-handed Geopo representing the KBO League and the 4th spot. He has also experienced four international competitions, including two Premier 12s and two Asian Games. However, he had no ties to the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

He was the home run king in 2012, so he was likely to participate in the 2013 tournament, but at the time, Park Byung-ho’s position at first base was lined with veterans such as Lee Seung-yeop, Kim Tae-gyun, and Lee Dae-ho. In the end, I couldn’t go to this competition. The 2017 event was also canceled due to various reasons. Park Byeong-ho got a chance this time. He is proudly included in the roster for the 2023 tournament, which will be held in March, and is ahead of his first WBC.

Park Byeong-ho, who has been training normally after successfully rehabilitating his injured ankle at the end of last season, said, “The WBC is a tournament I’ve wanted to participate in for a long time. I was so happy when I was selected this time.” But he said he had a lot of responsibility. Previously, his performance in international competitions was not steady, and he is well aware of his role as a first baseman.

Park Byung-ho said honestly, “It’s a position with a sense of responsibility and weight. I can’t help but think about that. The results of the previous national team weren’t particularly good. I always had a lot of regrets about the thoughts I heard at that time.” Personally, I don’t deserve a career to go up further, such as a huge home run title and advancement to the major leagues, but I was left with a strong sense of regret on the international stage.

Considering his age, it could be the last Taegeuk mark. Baseball is not an official sport at the 2024 Paris Olympics. The Premier 12 schedule has not yet been confirmed, and it is not the military number to go to the Asian Games. Park Byeong-ho also admitted this. He calmly said, “This could really be the last national team in my career,” and expressed his determination, “Everyone will prepare, but I hope it will be a tournament where I pour everything in so that there will be no regrets when I return to Korea.” .

You have to be in good shape to run without regrets. There were concerns about the ankle problem, but it was unfounded. I am training normally. Park Byeong-ho confidently said, “The thing I was most concerned about was my right ankle, but fortunately, I’m practicing without any problems now. I don’t have any major problems with my short movements and turns when defending, so I think I’m recovering very well.” An international tournament that could be the last of the home run kings in the history of the KBO League. Attention is focusing on whether it can be a March that leaves no regrets.

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