Rookie players selected by KT Wiz in the KBO rookie draft delivered special gifts to their parents.

KT nominated 11 players in the 2024 KBO rookie draft held at the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul on the 14th.

Pitcher Won Sang-hyun (Busan High School), ranked 7th in the first round, and pitcher Yuk Cheong-myeong (Gangneung High School), ranked 17th in the second round, gave their parents their first signed ball after being drafted as pros. This is an event that KT has been holding for 6 years since the 2018 rookie draft.

We are holding this event to express our gratitude to our parents who took care of us both materially and spiritually until we became professional athletes, and to hope that we will not forget our original intentions and aspirations when we are nominated.

In addition to their autographs, Won Sang-hyeon and Yuk Cheong-myeong wrote messages they wanted to convey to their parents.

Won Sang-hyun said, “It was nice to be able to share my heartfelt story with my mother for the first time in a long time at the club’s first autograph gift event. I was moved to tears. I will remember this feeling and do my best to keep my resolve during my professional life.” “He said.안전놀이터

Won Sang-hyun’s mother, Kim Hye-seon, said, “I am proud of him for not giving up and doing well. Now that he has become a full-fledged professional player, I hope he can take good care of his body and manage injuries and show a good performance. Now that he has gone to the team he wanted, he is a pitcher representing the league, just like the determination written on the ball. “I have no doubt that it will happen. I will also work hard to support it from behind,” he said.

Yuk Cheong-myeong said, “I was really moved to present the first autograph ball I had dreamed of to my parents. Doing this traditional event made me feel like I was at a professional club. I feel even more responsible because I was nominated earlier than expected.”

Sunyoung Jeong, mother of Yuk Cheongmyeong, said, “I am fortunate to have been nominated as a professional and I am grateful to (Yook) Cheongmyeong. I was heartbroken because he had a hard time after rehabilitation, but I am thankful that he endured it faithfully.” “He said he would earn it, but Cheongmyeong, who was like a child, seemed to have grown up, and it was so cute and special that it made me cry,” he said.

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