Cho Hyun-woo, the starting goalkeeper who led Ulsan Hyundai to two consecutive K-League 1 wins, expressed his unwavering affection for his fans at Daegu FC and expressed his desire to stay with Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo for a long time.

Ulsan won 2-0 with consecutive goals from Kim Min-hyuk and Jang Si-woo in the second half in the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 Round 35 home game against Daegu held at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium on the 29th. Ulsan, who could have confirmed the league title just by winning that day, defeated Daegu and achieved their second consecutive league victory for the first time in the club’s history.

Ulsan, who finished the first half scoreless at 0-0, was able to smile with goals from substitutes Kim Min-hyuk and Jang Si-young in the second half. Kim Min-hyuk scored the first winning goal by heading Ataru’s cross. Just before the end of the game, when Ulsan’s victory was certain, Jang Si-young calmly finished a one-on-one opportunity to secure a complete victory by 2 goals.짱구카지노 주소

Cho Hyun-woo, who left Daegu to join Ulsan in 2020, played in 34 games as Ulsan’s starting goalkeeper this season as well as last season, and led the team to its second consecutive title with stable performance, conceding only 36 goals. played a decisive role in

Jo Hyun-woo, who met with reporters in the mixed zone (joint coverage area) after the game, said, “I feel really good. I feel so good that I don’t know what to say, so I want to enjoy it. I’m so happy that I can get all four stars that I promised the fans.” Expressing his thoughts about this, he declared that he would aim to win the league next season as well, saying, “I will never stop and prepare to win five goals.”

Regarding Daegu’s counterattack in the first half, which threatened to concede a goal, but saved the team with a good save, he said, “Daegu is a very good counterattacking team. I know it well. I prepared well. I thought there would be such a crisis situation.” “I think we took many chances because our players played well in front. Today, both the fans and the players were desperate. It was a really good game to get a result like this,” he explained.

Cho Hyun-woo, who made his professional debut in Daegu and played for 7 seasons in both the first and second divisions, defeated his home team Daegu in the championship game.

Regarding this, he smiled sheepishly and said, “The opponent happened to be Daegu,” and added, “I still had a lot of good feelings toward the Daegu fans and players, so I greeted them well until the end. Still, it was a game we had to win, so I didn’t care about that and only thought about soccer. “I will continue to meet the team called Daegu in the future, but I always have feelings for the team called Daegu, so I will always do well next year with a grateful heart,” he said, looking back on the game against Daegu.

Contrary to Jo Hyun-woo’s wishes, the reaction of Daegu fans was cold. Daegu fans responded with boos to Jo Hyun-woo, who approached the Daegu fans and said hello.

“I don’t know why Daegu fans reacted like that,” said Jo Hyun-woo with a bitter smile. “Of course, looking back on that time, there were stories like this that I left the team without saying hello,” he continued. “I don’t have any emotions, and because I am a person who worked hard to make Daegu better, I will continue to go to the end and say hello to him, and I plan to do so until the day I retire.”

When asked to compare winning this season with last season, he admitted, “It was harder than last season. I thought it would be easier in the beginning, but there were so many games we didn’t win. You were probably very anxious. I was anxious too.”

However, he reflected, “It feels good to have confirmed the championship early today. We will try to win again next year, but I think the players need to prepare well to avoid a situation like this. I think the players were lacking a lot.”

Regarding the remaining three games, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League, he said, “I think we do better when we have time to spare. I want to emphasize leisure to the players,” and added, “I hope Jeonbuk Jeon, which is the last home game, will play while enjoying the festival. “I am very confident in the locker room, so I will show you that I will do my best until the end,” he promised.

He continued, “We have confirmed winning the K-League. We are continuing the Champions League, but in fact, the players felt pressure about winning the league. If we resolve that and prepare leisurely for the Champions League, I think we will be able to overcome it well.” I promised to continue.

Lastly, Jo Hyun-woo said, “I don’t think I said much because Coach Hong Myung-bo trusted me a lot. I’m really grateful for that, and I wanted to show him that trust,” and added, “I always show my play in difficult times and good times. “I felt so honored and blessed to have met the director. Both I and the director have been in Ulsan for a long time. While we are together, I want to add as many stars as possible, make good memories with the director, and continue writing another page of my life,” he said, thanking director Hong Myung-bo. I expressed my heart.

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