Commissioner Rob Manfred (65), who leads the Major League, said about the timing of his retirement. He announced his intention to step down as commissioner in January 2029.

Fox Sports and others in the U.S. announced on the 16th (Korea time) that Commissioner Manfred would step down after January 2029.

Earlier, Commissioner Manfred’s term was extended to January 2029 after a meeting of the owners in July last year. This is Commissioner Manfred’s third term.

Commissioner Manfred has led the major leagues since January 2015, and has already won a second term once. The current term runs until January 2025, adding to that four years.
In other words, Manfred will leave the Major League after leading the league until the 2028 season when he turns 70. He became the Commissioner in 2015 and led the Major League for 14 years.

The mood was not good in the early days of his term. He was lukewarm about the sign-stealing scandal between the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox.

However, Commissioner Manfred brought up a sword of major reforms, including the introduction of Peach Clock, ahead of last season, which has been a major success. 여우알바
It is also said that it is making great efforts to globalize baseball with the success of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) and the hosting of the London Series.

However, from a conservative point of view, it has been criticized for excessively transforming baseball’s rules, such as introducing pitch clocks and limiting defensive shifts.

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