I’ve won 20 wins and I’ve also tried to rank first in the average ERA. The left-handed pitcher in his 20s with a tremendous career is now facing free agency. This is the story of Julio Urias (27), a Mexican left-hander of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

How will the future of Urias unfold? Reporter Fabian Ardaya, who is in charge of the Dodgers at ‘The Athletic’ in the US, introduced a conversation he had with Urias through his SNS on the 6th (Korean time).

When asked about the contract extension, Urias said, “We have the World Baseball Classic (WBC) and we have a season. Those are the two things I’m focusing on right now.” “he said. Urias, who captained the Mexican national team at this year’s WBC, has not yet signed an extended contract with the Dodgers, and is already considered one of the most noteworthy ‘preliminary free agents’. 메이저놀이터

On this day, ‘Dodgers Nation’, which specializes in Dodgers news, said, “Many people already think that this season may be the last season to see Urias in the Dodgers, because he will be eligible for free agency after the end of the 2023 season.” If Urias shows a similar appearance this year as last year, it is expected to become a popular product in the next off-season market.”

Urias, who was reborn as a full-time starting pitcher, threw 185⅔ innings in 2021 with a 20-3 ERA of 2.

Maybe that’s why the prospects for this season look bright. “Urias, who finished third in the National League Cy Young Award voting last season and ranked first in the National League with an ERA of 2.16, expects to show another successful season this year,” the media said, “even though Walker Buehler made a comeback at the beginning of the season. “It’s difficult and could even cost us an entire season, but the Dodgers’ pitching staff will include Clayton Kershaw, Tony Gonsolin, Noah Syndergaard, Dustin May and Uriah, one of the best but underrated pitchers in major leagues.” expected to operate a top-level starting rotation.

If Urias shows consistent pitching this year, his value is expected to soar even more. In the light of the already overheated free agent market, he could become the main character of ‘the greatest hit ever’. It is noteworthy what choice the Dodgers will make with Urias.

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