Mallorca general manager Pablo Ortels opened up about Lee Kang-in’s buyout amount.

The Spanish La Liga, to which Mallorca belongs, closed the winter transfer market on the 1st at 8:00 am (Korean time). Naturally, Lee Kang-in’s transfer did not take place. Lee Kang-in has been wanting to transfer through the transfer market this winter. Although Lee Kang-in himself did not publicly mention the transfer, rumors of Lee Kang-in’s transfer were hot throughout January.

Lee Kang-in’s transfer rumors broke out in early January. Spain’s ‘Relevo’ said on January 7, “Lee Kang-in will leave Mallorca 90% of the time. Where will he go? I can’t say for sure yet, but I can say two leagues. English Premier League (EPL) or Eredivista. Currently has not progressed in negotiations with any team, but he is very hot.”

Transfer rumors, which had been quiet since then, re-ignited a week before the transfer market deadline. First, Lee Kang-in stopped following Mallorca on his SNS. Lee Kang-in’s former team, Valencia, is still following him, so it was possible to guess Lee Kang-in’s psychological state.

As transfer rumors arose, the buyout naturally became an issue. Initially, there was news that Lee Kang-in’s buyout was 20 million euros (approximately 26.8 billion won). 온라인바카라

But coach Javier Aguirre has a different argument. Ahead of the match against Cadiz on the 28th, Aguirre said, “He has a contract left. There may be a club that pays a buyout of 30 million euros (about 40 billion won) before the 31st. 30 million euros is a really big deal. It’s an amount. No one’s going to pay that amount.”

Ortels also agreed. Director Ortels, who attended the press conference on the 2nd, emphasized, “It is true that manager Aguire said that Lee Kang-in’s buyout was 30 million euros, and this is not an outlier.” In other words, it was announced again that Lee Kang-in’s buyout mentioned by coach Aguirre was true.

At the same time, Director Ortels expressed his joy at Lee Kang-in’s stay. “The club is delighted to be with Lee Kang-in. He is a very interesting player. The important thing is that he continues. He is happy at Mallorca, and we do not need to rush.”

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