Will Manny Machado, a reserve free agent, stay with the San Diego Padres? Major League Baseball reporter Ken Rosenthal predicted Machado’s stay in San Diego for five reasons.

Reporter Rosenthal said in an article on the 8th (Korean time), “I am not a gambler, and my predictions were absurd or completely wrong. Still, if you predict something that will happen this spring, I would like to say a large contract extension between San Diego and Machado.” “No source said a deal had been reached or was under discussion. Instead, president AJ Preller said on a podcast that he would sign a new contract with Machado,” he wrote. 메이저놀이터

Machado could become a free agent by opting out at the end of this season. Ahead of this season, San Diego teammate Xander Bogatz (11 years, $280 million), Trey Turner, who went to Philadelphia (11 years, $300 million), and Carlos Correa, who returned to Minnesota (up to 6+4 years, 200 million dollars) As large infielders such as 70 million dollars) sign long-term large contracts, Machado’s free agency declaration is considered a fait accompli. But why did reporter Rosenthal expect Machado to stay in San Diego with an extended contract? There are five reasons.

▷Steve Cohen
Steve Cohen, owner of the Mets, who is famous as a rich man and art collector, has no hesitation in investing in baseball players. He tried to recruit Correa even after he had already set a new record for total annual salary. The next target will likely be Shohei Ohtani (Angels), but he could veer to Machado if things don’t go according to plan. This could put pressure on San Diego. If Machado goes to free agency, he’ll have to compete with giants like Cohen. It’s best to catch it before declaring free agency.

▷Juan Soto
Currently, the core of San Diego is Machado, Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Bogatz. Among them, Machado and Soto will soon be eligible for free agency. However, Soto is already a player who turned down Washington’s 15-year, $440 million contract and transferred. The front seat might want a different contract. If you miss Machado and then Soto, you will have to reorganize your strength. The one with a high possibility of contract extension is also Machado.

▷Owner Peter Seidler
The San Diego Fanfest, which was held ahead of the spring camp, was an event that could motivate the owner of Seidler. Journalist Rosenthal wrote that the event was “like a baseball version of Woodstock.” San Diego is a team that is supported by so many fans right now. The extension of the Machado contract could be a reply from the owner of Seidler to the fans.

▷ Dan Lozano Agent
From an agent standpoint, Machado would be better off declaring free agency. Machado is a player who is highly likely to bring results in a fierce recruitment battle and a super-large contract in both skill and health. But does he have any reason to extend his contract with San Diego? Reporter Rosenthal predicted that if San Diego offered the right amount, Lozano would be able to prepare for variables that will occur during the season, such as injuries, with quick decisions.

▷Manny Machado
The last is Machado’s team preference. Machado and his family are reportedly happy with their life in San Diego. He is the star and leader of the team. It is unknown whether he will be in the same position as he is now when he moves to a new team. Reporter Rosenthal was once again convinced that “if San Diego opens its wallet, Machado will stay.”

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