“Busan’s position is that we want to focus only on promotion.”

Busan I’Park is looking at ‘promotion’ this season. The team is on a winning streak under the leadership of coach Park Jin-seop, who took over after coach Ricardo Perez, who was sacked midway through last season due to sluggish performance. A year after taking the baton, he raised the team from 10th to the top.

Busan was ranked 3rd in the K League 2 (34 points). However, although they have settled in the top ranks, carelessness is prohibited. The gap between leader Gyeongnam FC and second place Kim Cheon Sangmu (above 36 points) is only 2 points. Moreover, the difference in points is tight from 4th place FC Anyang (31 points) to 5th place Bucheon FC (30 points) and 6th place Gimpo FC (29 points).

However, now that momentum has risen, they are in a situation where they will give up their home stadium. It was from the news that the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) of the French Ligue 1 teamed up with Coupang Play to play a friendly match against Jeonbuk Hyundai at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium on the 3rd of next month.

No official announcement has been made, but it is virtually certain. The opposing team also has little room to change to Jeonbuk. It is known that an internal agreement was reached between the city of Busan, Coupang Play, and the Professional Football Federation.

As a result, fans, including Busan, showed ’embarrassment’ without a doubt. This is because they have to give their home stadium to another team during the season. Furthermore, on the 5th, two days after the friendly match, there is a home game for Busan. When a friendly match is held, there are many places to fix, such as moving the variable seats installed at the Busan Asiad and A boards. The problem is that it takes about two weeks to reinstall the variable seats because safety inspections must be done. There are restrictions on playing home matches immediately after friendly matches.

Busan has already ‘moved’ twice this season. Starting with the K-POP Dream Concert in May, I left my home a month later to repair the stadium for an A-match. The problem is that this friendly match is not the end. It is known that the city of Busan is preparing various events such as future concerts and events to host the expo. This is why Busan is even more bitter.오래된 토토사이트

What’s absurd is that the ‘official’ has not come down to the club. Of course, Busan pays rent to Busan City and uses the stadium. It is not a ‘real’ owner, but at the point in time when the season is in full swing, not a non-season, formal consent was sought with ‘one-sided notification’ without consultation and cooperation. In fact, Busan is in a situation where it has to give up the main room to cry and eat mustard. A football official expressed regret, saying, “It is a situation where the players’ self-esteem is likely to be scratched.”

Of course, Busan also actively supports cooperation in hosting the expo. However, at this time, when they are aiming for K-League 1 promotion after 30,000 after 2020, Busan was driven to the periphery with a unilateral notice without an ‘official notice’. An official from Busan said, “We want to focus only on promotion.”

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