The Lotte Giants are struggling for fall baseball in the first team. Currently, the performance is more important, but Lotte still sang the song of hope for the future while unfolding a win-now.

In 2019, Lotte suffered the humiliation of the lowest win rate in the 10 club system at the time with 48 wins, 93 losses, 3 draws, and a win rate of .340. He had to bear the humiliation of being in the bottom, but based on this, he simultaneously obtained the right to first and second overall nominations at the national level in the 2021 rookie draft held in 2020.오래된 토토사이트

Lotte prepared for the future by appointing Jangan High School catcher Son Seong-bin in the first national nomination, and left-hander Kim Jin-wook, the main player in Gangneung High School’s national championship, in the second round of the first round, all at once. The duo, born in 2002, were evaluated as the next-generation leaders who will protect the mound and home plate of Lotte, and waited for the day when they would lead the team together by throwing and receiving the ball in the first team.

As if to announce the lumbering of top-notch prospects, they stepped on the first-team stage side by side in their 2021 debut season. However, they had never been together on the first team ground. The picture of Kim Jin-wook throwing a fastball and Son Seong-bin receiving it was not directed. Son Seong-bin has not yet been able to match the battery breath with Kim Jin-wook in the first-team actual game.

Also, from the following year, the steps diverged. Although Kim Jin-wook had a hard time, he still remained a pro and continued his career, and Son Seong-bin fulfilled his military service by enlisting in the Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu) in 2022.

2023 had to be different. Kim Jin-wook marched with a zero ERA in April, but his performance has been sluggish recently. Still, he is showing his best pitching since his debut. He has a record of 3.76 earned run average with 2 wins, 1 loss and 7 holds in 33 games, playing a role close to the bullpen victory group. With the ball in hand, Cal is now a member of the bullpen.

Son Sung-bin enlisted in 2022 thanks to the reduced military service period and returned to Lotte in June during the 2023 season. After being discharged in early June, he was immediately called up to the first team. Even in the limited opportunity, Son Seong-bin showed his strength by blocking all 3 stealing attempts of the opponent with his powerful shoulder. In the match against Doosan Ulsan on the 2nd, Son Seong-bin started and showed off his strong dog by stopping Lee Yoo-chan from stealing second base in the 3rd inning.

After being discharged, Son Seong-bin said in an interview with reporters, “My goal is to remain in the first team for a long time and play baseball well.” “(Park) Se-woong wants to receive the ball once. Even when he was 20, he didn’t get it. There was no overlap. And (Kim) Jin-wook, who was in control, wants to receive the ball once.” 

And the scene where Son Seong-bin and Kim Jin-wook match their breath was directed at the game on the 2nd. From the beginning of the 7th inning, when the score was 2-2, Kim Jin-wook was on the mound and Son Seong-bin was wearing the catcher’s mask. In one inning, they matched their breathing, and while only throwing a fastball and curve sign, Doosan’s top hitter, Su-bin Jung, was treated as a fly ball to right field, Gyeong-min Heo to second baseman, and Jae-hwan Kim to fly ball to right field. In the first breath, the three-way innings were jointly performed.

On this day, Lotte lost 2-4 and faced a losing series with 1 win and 2 losses in Ulsan and Doosan 3 games in a row. With 36 wins and 35 losses in the season, even the 4th place is at stake, and it is a situation where you have to survive in the fierce whirlwind of the middle ranks. In the midst of a confused and struggling reality, Lotte captured a scene where they could sing of hope for the future. 

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