The men’s national soccer team will play the round of 16 against Kyrgyzstan tomorrow (27th). Set-piece strategy is considered a winning strategy to break the opponent’s dense defense, so let’s pay attention to Lee Kang-in’s left foot and Baek Seung-ho’s right foot.토토사이트

Kyrgyzstan, which advanced to the round of 16 with 1 win and 2 losses, is likely to use an extreme defense-oriented strategy against our team.

Five years ago, in the group stage of the Jakarta Tournament, Korea struggled against Kyrgyzstan’s tight defense and won 1-0 thanks to Son Heung-min’s winning goal from a corner kick, and this time too, a set piece could be the key to victory.

That’s why the role of Lee Kang-in, who boasts the world’s best left-foot kick, is even more important.

This is because he has the ability to accurately deliver the so-called ‘courier cross’ and score a decisive goal from a set-piece opportunity, just like he did at the Under-20 World Cup four years ago.

[Lee Kang-in/Men’s national soccer team midfielder: I think we need to help the team as much as possible to ensure good results.]

If Lee Kang-in has the left foot, Baek Seung-ho prepares the right foot.

Baek Seung-ho is showing off his superb kicking sense in this tournament, including a fantastic free kick goal against Kuwait and a cannonball shot from a free kick opportunity against Thailand.

Coach Hwang Seon-hong is emphasizing to his players to forget about their performance in the group stage and never let down their guard.

[Hwang Seon-hong/Men’s national soccer team coach: I think the most difficult thing is to break down a team that defends with its mind. I think a strong team must be able to win even by one goal.]

If we lose now, there is no next time.

This is a time when greater concentration is needed.

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