Lim Dong-seop wears the same uniform again with Lee Kwan-hee and Kim Jun-il, who were active together at Samsung. Jeong Hee-jae is a classmate of Hongdae.

Changwon LG brought Lim Dong-seop instead of sending Choi Seung-wook to Seoul Samsung.

LG had to raise Lee Seung-woo, and Jung In-deok was taking his place, so it was difficult to properly utilize Choi Seung-wook. In Samsung, where there are more players who are good at offense than defense, Choi Seung-wook will have more opportunities to go on the court.

Im Dong-seop has shooting ability and is a sincere player, even though he was sluggish at Samsung. Asem Mare, a sure-fire big man who calls for a double team, is holding on, Lim Dong-seop, with his height, is a better fit for LG. This is a trade in which interests are aligned.

With the opposite payment of Kim Si-rae and Kim Dong-ryang, Lee Kwan-hee and Kim Jun-il first transferred from Samsung to LG. Lim Dong-seop reunited with Lee Kwan-hee and Kim Jun-il at LG, who had worked together for a long time at Samsung.

In addition, he will work with Jeong Hee-jae, who led the championship at Hongik University High School, again.

Im Dong-seop, who came down to Changwon on the 12th, started training on the morning of the 13th. After he finished training, he met the three players and heard the impression of reuniting with Lim Dong-seop.

I had a phone call with Samsung after the game (on the 5th) before Lee Kwan -hee and Lim Dong-seop contacted me that they were coming (to LG). He said he was at the cooking center because of his baby (Dong-seop Lim received a trade notification the day he left the kitchen). I’m sorry I couldn’t say hello on the day of the Samsung game, and I asked for a drink after the season. Then he was very surprised to find out (about the trade) two or three days later.

During the season, I called Dongseob 3-4 times. The three players, including Kim Jun-il, were the main players at Samsung. It’s so amazing to run like this (with LG). Didn’t you often see the three of them together at STC back then? (LG) Seeing that I changed my uniform, my mother was very concerned. Just like me, he asked me to take good care of him, asking how he would feel when he came from Samsung (to LG). I plan to take care of it in my own way.

He is a player with an original class. I fell a bit due to various problems, but since director Cho Sang-hyun has eyes to see, I want to prove that it is not because of us that the poor grades in Samsung were not because of us (laughs).

Living in the metropolitan area and Changwon is the difference between heaven and earth. If you stay here a little longer, there will be a lot of time for the players to get closer. Instead, I spend a lot of time away from my family. It would be comfortable to assume that I won’t see my family for a while considering the various distances (laughs).

Jung Hee- jae
(Hongdae High School) is the winning member. When she first heard the story (it came to LG), she was moved. (In the pro) It was not an easy situation to run together. Lim Dong-seop has been with the Samsung team for a long time, so I didn’t expect much, but it feels so good to play together like this.

There was a group chat room in high school, and my seniors and classmates told me that I did well, and that it looked good, so I was moved. I hope that Dong-seop will come and adapt well and show a good side of himself by making good use of the opportunity.

(Lim Dong-seop) was a top 3 player in high school. If he adapts well because he has good ability, there is no big worry because our coach does well again.

(After hearing the news of the trade) He contacted me at first, but he didn’t answer. He waited for a call because he was busy. He contacted me and said that it went well, that he would help me, and that he would help me adapt, saying that if you don’t know or have any questions, ask me.

(In LG) Just do as you are told. The director organizes it so well. Our coach’s basketball style is a bit complicated. If you give me just 1 or 2 shots, I will adapt well.

Kim Joon- il
: I (with Lim Dong-seop) played a lot together, and I know him well. Yoon Won-sang is doing well now, but he didn’t play 20 to 30 minutes throughout the season as he does now in the pro. In the opposing team, 2 or 3 players take turns defending by following the opposing aces such as Doo Kyung-min, Jeon Seong-hyun, and Heo Woong, so the shot is inevitably short. No matter how good a (shooting) opportunity was, and even if Marey was good at taking it out, it was hard for me to defend myself for about 30 minutes and not get a shot. 슬롯사이트

In this situation, it is very good to come with a taller number 2 or 3. It seems to fit well. Jeong In-deok is doing very well, but like Won-sang, In-deok doesn’t have much experience in competitions, so he struggles. Dong-sub hyung won’t have a lot of time, but if he plays in turns, he will show better performance than when he was at Samsung.

(When I heard the news of the trade) I personally liked it. Lim Dong-seop is living in a foreign country (laughs). Everyone knows (that I was traded) during the season, but I was traded after (the season) ended, and Dong-sub hyung was suddenly traded like Kwan-hee hyung. I don’t know that feeling. I don’t know if I’m weirder or that hyung is weird (laughs). I’m

sad that Dong-seob hyung recently had a baby, but I think I’ll be able to play better basketball on this team by sticking to my job. So personally, it’s good, but when I think of my sister-in-law or my child, my heart hurts.

He is a hyung who diligently trains. If we do dirty work and shoot without major problems like at Samsung, we will not have a hard time adapting because we are not a team with strong motion offense like Samsung.

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