Everton manager Frank Lampard has been sacked.

Local media such as the British BBC said on the 24th (Korean time) that ‘Everton manager Frank Lampard has been sacked’.

Everton are in relegation crisis. He won 3 wins, drew 6 and lost 11, and won only 15 points from 20 matches. He is 19th in the league. 온라인바카라

In the match against West Ham on the 23rd, they lost 0-2. In the end, criticism of coach Lampard reached its peak, and he was eventually hardened.

They have only 3 wins this season, 1 draw and 5 losses in the last 6 league matches.

Coach Lampard was a midfielder representing England who led Chelsea’s golden age in the 2000s. He retired in 2016, and since 2018, he has served as manager of Chelsea and Everton, starting with Derby County manager.

Apart from his splendid career as a player, he lacked impact as a command tower. He even won the Manager of the Month award in 2019, but was eventually sacked in 2021 due to Chelsea’s poor performance. I moved the team to Everton in January 2021, but it was sluggish.

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