Kwon Gap-yong, 9th dan pro player, passed away on the 23rd from a chronic illness. He is 66 years old.

Kwon Gap-yong, who joined in 1975, became the 99th dan in Korea in 2021.

Along with his daughter Kwon Hyo-jin, 7th dan, the deceased, who is also famous as the nation’s first women’s professional engineer, started as Kwon Gab-yong Baduk Academy in 1982 and has devoted his life to nurturing younger students at Kwon Gap-yong Baduk Dojang and Kiba Baduk.

After producing the first pro knight, Park Seung-moon, in 1989, Lee Se-dol (retired), Won Seong-jin, Choi Cheol-han, Baek Hong-seok, Kang Dong-yoon, Kim Ji-seok, Park Jung-hwan, and Yoon Young-seon, 8 men’s and women’s world champions, and more than 50 professional knights, including Lee Young-gu, Yoon Jun-sang, and Cheon Si-yuan, were raised. . 안전놀이터

He was awarded the Special Achievement Award at the 1993 Go Culture Awards.

Survivors include his wife Park Ok-joo and two daughters, and the burial place is Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital Funeral Hall Room 6 (condolences are available from 11:00 am on the 24th), the funeral is at 6:30 am on the 26th, and the burial site is Seoul Memorial Park.

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