“Mexico, please!

It was a cliffhanger. Byun Sung-hwan’s South Korea U17 soccer team is just one win away from advancing to the round of 16 at the 2023 FIFA U17 World Cup. They’ll have to hope the other group, New Zealand, does well.

The tournament featured 24 nations. The teams were divided into six groups of four. The first and second place finishers in each group will advance directly to the round of 16, while the four best performing teams in the third place group will advance to the round of 16. By the 17th (KST), Group A through D had concluded. South Korea, which is in Group E, will play its final match against Burkina Faso on the 18th.

Byun Sung-hwan lost both his first and second group games. They lost 1-3 to the United States and 0-1 to France. Without a point, they fell to third place in Group E. They will look to get their first win against Burkina Faso on Nov. 18. If they don’t lose, they can finish third in the group. However, it will be difficult for them to finish in the top four in the wildcard fight with the other group thirds.

Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Iran, and Japan are currently third in their respective groups. With 6 points, Iran and Japan have earned the wild cards. Uzbekistan, with four points, is also on the train to the round of 16. Indonesia is the worst performing of the group’s three teams, finishing with two points.

South Korea-Burkina Faso in Pool E and New Zealand-Mexico in Pool F will be the final matches of the day. The New Zealand-Mexico match will take place first at 6:00 pm. This match will decide South Korea’s fate in the round of 16 first. The matchup between Mexico, who have one draw and one loss, and New Zealand, who have two losses, will be crucial. If Mexico wins, South Korea will be eliminated. They cannot finish in the top four of the group. Even if they beat Burkina Faso, they won’t advance to the round of 16. 무지개토토

New Zealand needs a point against Mexico to keep their chances of reaching the round of 16 alive. If New Zealand draws with Mexico, the math is easy. New Zealand would have one point and Mexico would have two. If South Korea beats Burkina Faso, they will finish fourth out of three in the group with three points. If New Zealand beats Mexico for three points, it could come down to goal difference. Through two games, New Zealand has scored one goal and conceded six. South Korea has scored one goal and conceded four. If New Zealand beats Mexico and South Korea wins against Burkina Faso to finish ahead of the Kiwis on goal difference, they will advance to the Round of 16.

Byun Sung-hwan will not be able to reach the round of 16 on his own. He’s in a desperate situation, hoping for New Zealand’s good fortune. There is only one scenario left for the Kiwis to advance to the Round of 16: a draw or better against Mexico, followed by a blowout win over Burkina Faso.

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