The Korea Professional Football Federation (hereinafter referred to as the “Federation”) introduced the K-League’s media and broadcasting business policies at the “2024 Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Federation (ABU) Sports Media Conference.”
More than 160 broadcasters and professional sports league officials representing Asian countries belonging to ABU attended the “2024 ABU Sports Media Conference” held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from May 14-16.

The conference was held by ABU under the theme of sports media, and was held with the aim of sharing trends in the sports media industry and seeking development potential by experts and broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific region.

Kim Min-ju, a professional of the federation’s broadcasting business team, introduced a differentiated broadcasting system under the theme of “K League’s Media and Broadcasting Business” in a conference presentation. Kim Min-ju explained the achievements and future vision of the K-League broadcasting-related business that the federation has been pushing for, 토토사이트 including the establishment of a media center, the direct operation of broadcasting companies, the unification of production guidelines and graphics for high-quality broadcasting, and the first live broadcast of OTT new media.

Through this conference, the federation provided an opportunity to inform the development of K-League broadcasting internationally and plans to explore opportunities to increase the media value of the K-League through various global activities in the future.

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