The Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA) will host the ‘2023 KBSA League’, the top amateur baseball league.

The ‘2023 KBSA League’, in which businesses, citizens, independent baseball teams, sports clubs, etc. participate, will be held at the Gonjiam Team Up Campus baseball stadium from October 4th.

A total of eight teams will participate in the 2023 KBSA League, including five independent baseball teams including Yeoncheon Miracle, Paju Challengers, Seongnam Magpies, Gapyeong Wales, and Suwon Fine Eagles, as well as Ulsan Sports Club, Chungbuk Sports Club, and China’s Sichuan Professional Baseball Team. Is expected.

The league schedule will be a full league format with a preliminary round of 7 games per team, and will be divided into upper division and lower division groups according to the results of the preliminary round. The final round will feature a double full league format for each group, with 6 games per team.

The playoffs, which are based on the results of the preliminary and final rounds, will begin with a wild card match between the 4th place in Division 1 Group and the 5th place in Division 2 Group, followed by a single semifinal playoff of 1st vs. 4th, 2nd vs. 3rd, and a best-of-3 series. The final playoffs will be held to determine the winning team.안전놀이터

By hosting the KBSA League, the Korea Baseball Softball Association expects to provide baseball players with an opportunity to challenge their dreams once again and to serve as a catalyst for the creation of business, citizen, and independent baseball teams, and is also planning to be incorporated into the general division of the National Sports Festival.

Association Chairman Lee Jong-hoon said, “We have expanded the base of baseball as a recreational sport through the provincial and provincial baseball competitions held since last year and the No Brand High School Alumni Baseball Competition, providing hope to players with dreams of becoming a professional player and joy to club members.” I tried to do it. “We will work harder to ensure that the ‘KBSA League’, which will be operated starting this year, becomes the basis for the development of amateur baseball and provides an opportunity for baseball players to play in the general division of the National Sports Festival,” he said.

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