Kim Min-jae’s camp continues to reject Napoli’s request to remove the buyout.

Kim Min-jae’s transfer speculation is still a big topic of interest for fans in Korea as well as Napoli. Kim has been linked to Manchester United before. The Red 토토사이트 Devils have been interested in Kim since late last year and have reportedly sent scouts to follow him closely. Since then, Kim has helped Napoli win the Italian Serie A title for the first time in 33 years and was named the best defender in Serie A for the 2022-23 season. United have maintained their interest in Kim. Newcastle United have recently emerged as a contender, but United’s interest in Kim hasn’t waned.

At the beginning of the transfer window, Kim’s representatives were cautious, saying they wanted to see how the clubs fared in Europe. Now that the season is over, both United and Newcastle, who have shown strong interest in Kim, have qualified for the UEFA Champions League (UCL) next season. In addition, after Napoli won the league title, local media in Italy have been speculating about Kim’s departure, so all eyes are on Kim to see what he decides to do with his future.

Napoli didn’t want other clubs, including Manchester United, to be interested in Kim. That’s because Kim has become Napoli’s go-to player this season, and as mentioned earlier, he’s been revolutionary in helping Napoli win the league title. Napoli isn’t the only club that doesn’t want to lose a key player.

Furthermore, the transfer fee Napoli could receive was too small for them to easily let Kim go. That’s because of the buyout. Kim’s buyout is valid for three months from July 1, and it’s said to cost around €60 million.

Despite Kim’s stellar performances, Napoli is forced to choke back tears and sell Kim at a set price due to the buyout clause. The buyout clause is also a headache for Napoli as it makes it easier for other clubs to approach the player.

Napoli worked hard to remove the clause, but Kim had no reason to accept the offer.

Italian news outlet ‘Area Napoli’ cited a report from ‘La Repubblica’ as saying, “Kim did not want to remove the buyout clause. Kim Min-jae’s camp repeatedly refused to remove the buyout clause from his contract. He is destined for the Premier League (EPL) and Napoli will have to find a worthy replacement.”

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