The women’s professional basketball team Cheongju KB Stars has been on a winning streak in the last 11 games.

He is firmly in the league’s sole lead, and with this momentum, he will even overcome the unified championship.

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Cheongju KB Stars has continued its fierce momentum since the beginning of this season.

After competing for the lead all the way, he has been undefeated in the last 11 games, taking the lead alone and firmly holding the position.

So far, his performance has been 22 wins and 2 losses.

He is showing an all-time performance, widening the gap with second-place Woori Bank to three games, and if he continues as he has in the remaining six games, he will be one step closer to winning the regular league.

Kim Wan-soo / Director of Cheongju KB Stars
“I’m confident from what we’ve done so far this season. We believe we can win the championship because we have a lot of support from our fans.”

In the center, Heo Ye-eun, Kang Yi-seul, and center Park Ji-soo stand tall.

Heo Ye-eun is running across the court with even more advanced skills, and Kang Yi-seul is at the top of the division with 60 3-pointers.

Park Ji-soo has averaged 20.7 points and 15.7 rebounds this season, showing off his peak performance of being named MVP in all rounds until the fourth round. 마카오카지노주소

Park Ji-soo / Cheongju KB Stars Center
“I’m thinking that I’ve become more old-fashioned. I don’t think I like anything better, but I think I like judgment at the moment…”

Yeom Yoon-ah is also showing the dignity of a veteran with an official play.

It is a unique attack route that penetrates under the basket and receives a pass and scores, and he shoots every time it is important.

Yeom Yoon-ah / Cheongju KB Stars Captain
“I’m determined to win this season. We’ll do our best to show our passion in the gym as much as the fans in Cheongju…”

Cheongju KB Stars, which is just around the corner to win the league, will have an irresistible battle with second-place Woori Bank at home this Sunday, the third day of the Lunar New Year holiday.

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