The Korea Professional Football Federation announced that it had partially revised the K-League club licensing rules through a written resolution of the board of directors on the 30th of last month.

The existing K-League club licensing system was divided into ‘K-League License’ for K-League participation and ‘AFC License’ for AFC Champions League participation. are separated by K-League 1 license standards will be strengthened step by step in the future.오래된 토토사이트

In addition, in the past, if a manager became vacant, a new manager with a P-level license must be appointed within 60 days. (excluding POs), the appointment of a new director can be postponed until December 31 of the relevant year. However, in this case, a penalty of 10 million won per game is imposed for games where a coach with a P-level license is absent.

In addition, in this Club Licensing Regulations, ▲ a request for retrial is possible even in cases of non-imposition or cancellation of a license, ▲ preparation of sanctions in case of violation of Club Licensing B standards, ▲ preparation of submission deadlines and exception approval procedures in case of force majeure, etc. amendment has been made

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