Takefusa Kubo (23, Sociedad), a Japanese national striker, was considered a player whose international status has increased enough to be counted as one of the top players in the past year.

Polish soccer media Mechiki analyzed the increase in personal value for 12 months from Jan. 1, 2023. Takefusa Kubo ranked eighth overall with an increase of 48 million euros.

“Mechiki regularly plays for the Sociedad and is displaying his wings of talent and potential that have been regarded as great for many years. A huge 400 percent increase in value is a justifiable and natural result,” he said, praising Takefusa Kubo. 헤라카지노

Takefusa Kubo ▲ UEFA.com 2019-20 La Liga Best 11 ▲ 2022-23 Sociedad Season MVP ▲ September 2023 La Liga Player of the Month Award. Spain’s La Liga ranks second in the UEFA league, while Sociedad ranks 38th in the European Club.
“Mechiki has become a star not only in Sociedad but also in Spain’s La Liga as a whole. He is attractive with his play that combines the ability to score goals and create opportunities. He is still young in his early 20s,” he said, adding that he also viewed the possibility of Takefusa Kubo growing further.

Transfermarkt, a media outlet specializing in the transfer market, ranked Takefusa Kubo as the No. 1 player in Asia in terms of player value updated on Dec. 23, 2023. This season, he moved the ball close to the opponent team by himself, the second most frequently in Spain’s La Liga.

The top 5 players in the European Football League are ▲ English Premier League (EPL) ▲ Spain La Liga ▲ Italy Serie A ▲ Germany Bundesliga ▲ France League 1.
Takefusa Kubo ranks 10th among all players in the top five European leagues from 2023 to 24. The analysis is all the more meaningful as it is an analysis of Opta Sports, a global statistics firm targeting 70 countries and 30 sports.

the highest-paid soccer player in the past year

  • Unit: 1 million euros

1st place Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid): +70

Second place Evan Ferguson (Brighton): +64

3rd place Ramin Yamal (Barcelona): +60

4th place Warren Zairemeri (PSG): +54

5th place Xavi Simmons (Leftich): +52

5th place Moises Caicedo (Chelsea): +52

No. 7 Rasmus Hoyleun (Manchester United): +50

8th place Takefusa Kubo (Sociedad): +48

Top 5 Asian Football Confederation Players Market Value
1st place Takefusa Kubo (Japan) 60
1st place Kim Minjae (South Korea) 60

No. 3 Kaoru Mitoma (Japan) 50

3rd place, Son Heung-min (South Korea) 50

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