Allegations that LeBron James is faking a foot injury have come out.

Skip Bayris, who is famous for being a ‘bitter’, recently urged the Los Angeles Lakers to reveal the details of James’ injury, saying that there were too many questions about James’ injury in ‘Undisbuted

. ‘ you need to know what this is They won’t even tell you what the injury is. “It’s another mysterious injury to James,” he continued. “Teams need to be transparent about

their players’ injuries, especially when they’re the face of the franchise, like James, and fully disclose them.”

“Where do you think that source came from?” Not the Lakers. It’s his agent, Rich Paul.” Paul was doing press play.

Bayliss said, “Is it an ankle? Is it a foot sprain? is it a toe? Now we are left in the dark about his right foot, which was injured during a routine drive-in. If James heard something explode, what exploded? Did James get the MRI as reported? Did he get a second or third opinion from a podiatrist?”

Bayris also tweeted, “James’ left foot that kept him out for three games before the All-Star break? He is really confused,” he wrote. 카지노

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