1. USGA outraged by Justin Thomas’ tweet
    Explanation : Relations between the USGA, which had already been escalating, and some male professional players worsened when the golf rules were revised in 2019. When Adam Shank received a questionable two-stroke penalty at the 2019 Honda Classic, Justin Thomas posted this along with a screenshot of Shank taking the penalty. “Raise the game.”

Thomas stated the intent of the article, “I hope that the USGA will begin communicating with current players to develop and advance the game, and that communication will take place so that all golfers can benefit from the change.” Everyone has a breaking point, and Thomas’ comments seemed to have pushed the patience of USGA officials to the limit.

“Justin, let’s talk.” The USGA tweeted: “You’ve canceled each time we set up a meeting, but here we reach out again. We attended the first five tournaments and tournaments last year, and your tour has always held a place for seven years. . I am willing to give you a seat as much as you like. Please contact me.”

Why it was controversial : The governing body singled out one of the best players. After three days, the USGA backed down. “After having more direct and in-depth conversations with Justin Thomas, we have confirmed that he has neither shied away from discussions with the USGA nor has he canceled any meetings.

We respect the opinions of all players , including him, and will continue to have productive conversations so that golf can adapt to the revised rules.

” 8. Are

you Reid himself?
Background : Facing yet another dilemma regarding the rules at the 2021 Farmers Insurance Open, Patrick Reed posted: The same thing happened on the 18th hole too! However, they did not even call the match commissioner to judge whether the ball was stuck. Nothing to say.”

Twitter users pointed out that an account called “useGolfFACTS” defended Reed by sending similar messages to various Twitter accounts, suspecting it to be a polling account used by Reed’s team. 먹튀검증

Reason for Controversy : Reed has extreme likes and dislikes.In addition to defending Reed’s actions in a peculiar way, Use Golf Facts also fabricated that Reed received a two-stroke penalty for improving his lie in the wasteland bunker during the Hero World Challenge. He claimed it was a video and posted an article disparaging the players who competed with Reed, the major tournaments and the PGA Tour, which could be a violation of the Players Code of Conduct for public criticism.Reed

‘s lawyer interviewed Golf Digest . , Reed’s Twitter rep said he was not running a Use Golf Facts account

.: The controversial account continues to roar. It’s a controversy that usually doesn’t matter too much, even though it follows Reed everywhere he goes

  1. Groundless Confidence
    Explained Background : When the golf world, which had been suspended due to Corona, is starting to come back, the consolation money paid to reporter Randall Mel if he is unable to participate in the tournament due to Corona is the PGA Tour ($100,000) and the LPGA Tour ($5,000) are very different. There, an anonymous account called JPJ posted this reply. “There are thousands of men who can afford to win any event on the LPGA Tour. A handicap of 40,000 is likely to score in the mid-60s from the forward tee.” All the LPGA players who use Twitter stood up.

Most responded with short clips that oscillated between comic and outrage, including Jane Park. “Seven months pregnant. Face-to-face okay?”

Why it’s controversial : Women players hear a lot of bullshit similar to JPJ’s post. This is because they believe that LPGA Tour players’ skills are inferior because their driving distance is not as good as that of PGA Tour players. That’s more nonsense than putting mustard on ice cream.

We have evidence to prove it. At this year’s LPGA Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions, former tennis star Mardi Fish (home of Bel Air, with a plus 3.0 handicap and who also played in one event on the PGA Tour this year) recorded a four-day amateur total of 306. recorded Daniel Kang’s score, which was played under the same conditions from the same tee on the same course, was 272, a difference of 34 strokes.

Overall Review : Women suffer from countless misogyny even if they don’t. Let’s not bring that bullshit to the golf course.

  1. Misunderstandings and truths surrounding dogs
    Background explanation : Olympia Fields, where the 2020 BMW Championship was held, was the course where DeChambeau won the US Amateur championship in 2015. Earlier in the week, DeChambeau posted a photo of himself with his dog, Trigger, at Olympia Fields. “Trigger helped me win the US Amateur at Olympia Fields, so good luck again!” DeChambeau wrote:

A similar article was posted on the PGA Tour account. However, there was a problem: the netizen investigation team led by Fried Egg’s Will Knights found out that Trigger came to Olympia Fields in 2017.

Why it’s controversial : People hate manipulated impressions. DeChambeau, who has posted a lot of publicity posts, was talking about an unborn dog when he won the US Amateur, so it seemed like he failed to promote it again this time.

However, it was later revealed that Trigger’s father, Debot, was at Olympia Fields in 2015, and it seems that a major misunderstanding occurred.

Overall Review : This incident shows that there are many times when controversy on Twitter is a chimsobongdae.

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