Is the outline of Heungkuk Life Insurance’s next command tower being drawn?

Heungkuk Life Insurance’s acting manager Kim Dae-kyung said, “I heard that the general manager conducted an interview with a foreign coach,” and “I have not heard about the appointment time.” said

Heungkuk Life Insurance is currently playing the season without a head. At the beginning of last month, former head coach Kwon Sun-chan was sacked and former head coach Lee Young-soo left the team because “the direction was not right.” Afterwards, director Kim Ki-joong was appointed, but after careful consideration, he declined the position.

Heungkuk Life Insurance acknowledged the involvement of high-ranking officials in the game management and said, “The recent situation is the result of interest and affection for volleyball being expressed in the wrong direction of intervening in the game management, which can never be tolerated and must not be repeated. In the future, we will thoroughly block the club’s involvement in game management and fully respect the manager’s inherent authority.”

The director’s seat has been vacant for over a month. Coach Dae-Kyung Kim, who acts as an agent, is leading the team, and the team’s performance during this period is not bad. There is an atmosphere of solidarity among the players. After the sacking of former coach Kwon, he won 6 wins and 2 losses (60 points) in 8 games. 카지노사이트

In the 5th round confrontation with Hyundai E&C, they tied the score by taking a shutout victory. Hyundai Engineering & Construction (21-5) is in second place (20-6), one win behind Hyundai Engineering & Construction (21-5), following closely behind. Acting Kim said, “We stood on the same starting line. I think the players will do well. We will do our best to win more victories.”

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