Except for the national team, I haven’t played since middle school. “I really have to do it this time.”

He has been wearing the pinstripe uniform for the longest time among active players. LG was added to the name for a long time. In addition, I spent quite a bit of time without a championship ring. That’s why I’m more desperate. LG captain Oh Ji-hwan (33) took aim for the remaining four wins until the overall championship. When he won the regular season, he emphasized to his fans, “From now on, we will be in war mode,” so he pledged to prepare for the Korean Series (KS) without regrets and rise to the top.

The KS preparation training is different. Usually, the first-place team has a schedule of commuting to and from the home stadium, focusing on conditioning. On the other hand, this year’s regular season champion LG is staying and training at Icheon LG Champions Park, a second-tier facility. Training times are long: morning, afternoon, and night. It is a schedule reminiscent of a finishing camp for new players. Of course, there are many rest days with two days of training and one day of rest, but the intensity of the training is also strong.

Oh Ji-hwan, as captain, said of this part, “I wanted to prepare with a bit of tension. The season isn’t over yet and we’ve done really well, but I really want to finish off on a perfect note with four more wins. “I told the players, ‘If we do everything, we can have more fun and be comfortable together,’” he said, setting the tone for training camp in Icheon.안전놀이터

Regarding the inclusion of night training, he said, “Actually, the training schedule came out sometime during the season. I decided to continue communicating with the coach to improve my sense of the game and take a break. Instead of three days of training, it was a two-day training with night training, and the coach also said, ‘Please endure even if it is difficult until we train in Jamsil.’ “I think you have to do enough to win,” he said, explaining why he trains from morning to night.

Starting on the 23rd, LG will also hold an actual match through the Blue and White Banners. Until the evaluation match with the managing director, I prepared for about 6 actual matches before the first round of KS on November 7th. I am determined to stand on the KS stage in the best condition by fully training and practicing.

In other words, the captain and director are of one mind. Both have a strong thirst for victory. Oh Ji-hwan has not won since joining the team in 2009, and coach Yeom Kyung-yeop has not won since taking over as Nexen head coach in 2013.

Oh Ji-hwan said, “I won the championship when I was on the Asian Games national team and youth national team. If you go further, it’s middle school. Excluding the national team, I haven’t played since middle school. “We really have to do it this time,” he said. “Among my colleagues, there are many players who have won championships. From (Kim) Hyeon-su, (Park) Hae-min, (Kim) Jin-seong, (Huh) Do-hwan, and (Ham) Deok-ju won. Among my close classmates, there are many who played early fall baseball and won championships. I’m the only one who couldn’t do it. “I’m really desperate,” he said, raising his voice.

If LG won, no great significance was placed on the Rolex watch that KS MVP would receive. Oh Ji-hwan said, “There is some greed, but it is not that important. The biggest thing for me is winning rather than the clock. In fact, it doesn’t matter who gets the Rolex as long as they can win. “I can just buy myself one as a souvenir of winning,” he smiled.

Oh Ji-hwan took care of his colleagues before joining Rolex. Regarding the fact that the players received a portable TV and an air purifier from the parent group prior to training at the KS camp, Oh Ji-hwan said, “As captain, I wanted to take care of something for his teammates. It felt burdensome to ask, but don’t other clubs also receive various gifts? Fortunately, the president and team leader responded positively,” he said. “In fact, there is a long list of requests. We received the players’ opinions and delivered a really long list. “I expected that if I win KS, I will come back again.”

The ultimate goal is to smile at the last game of KS consistently starting this year and for the next few years. Director Yeom said, “It is KS who will decide LG’s next 3 to 4 years. If we win this KS, next year will be even better. This is consistent with the saying, “Long-term rule is quite possible.”

Oh Ji-hwan said, “There was a long period of time when I wasn’t good at baseball. “I have a strong regret that if I had done well earlier, the opportunity to win would have come sooner,” he said. “Instead, I want to continue participating in KS like this until I retire. I really want to try the ‘dynasty’ that people are talking about. “This year should be the start,” he said.

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