“I trained to stop Son.”

The Korean national soccer team led by Jürgen Klinsmann will play the match against Jordan (ranked 87th) at the semi-finals of the 2023 Asian Cup of Asian Football Confederation (AFC) at Ahmed bin Ali Stadium in Alayyan, Qatar, at 6 p.m. on Saturday (local time). Korea advanced to the semi-finals by defeating Australia in overtime. Jordan advanced to the semifinals for the first time ever.

In an official pre-press conference, Jordanian coach Hussein Amota acknowledged the difference, saying, “Korean players are very capable. The same is true physically, mentally and technically.” “Although Korea played overtime and played for a long time, everyone knows Korea’s technological superiority. Even after playing for 120 minutes, the fact that Korea is the strongest team in Asia is the same,” he said.

Jordan has excellent players, including Moussa Al-Tamari and Al-Naimat, but there is a big difference when compared directly to Korea. Nevertheless, Jordan has confidence in its memories of bullying South Korea in the group stage. He shook up the Korean defense and scored two points with Al-Tamari at the forefront. He lost a point just before the end of the match and scored a draw, but in terms of the contents, it was better than Korea. Again, he is trying to overcome the power gap and win to reach the final.

“I spoke with the players at the meeting, but we are well prepared and we will cover technical differences with tactics,” Amota said. Ibrahim Sadeh, who was also present, also expressed his confidence. “I will move tactically and go to the finals. Players will make up for mistakes in the group league and listen to what the staff members say. Our players are trying to make history.”

As for Son, he said, “We had a great player in training to stop him.” Both Amota and Sadeh emphasized tactics and training, adding that they are thoroughly preparing for how to stop South Korea. As he advanced to the semifinal for the first time ever, he seemed confident. 헤라카지노

There are concerns that fatigue has accumulated due to continued participation in the two consecutive extended matches and dependence on the starting lineup. Still, the fact that Korea has an advantage over Jordan is unchanged. Even if Jordan prepared thoroughly, it can overcome it with its ability. Overcoming Jordan’s challenge and reaching the final is the priority goal of Klinsmann.

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