Coach Klinsmann expressed confidence.

AFC reported on its official website on the 29th (Korea time), “Coach Jürgen Klinsmann told South Korean players to be determined to go to the penalty shootout ahead of the AFC 2023 Qatar Asian Cup match against Saudi Arabia, which is competing against Australia to advance to the quarterfinals.”

Finally, the day for the showdown has come. Korea will play Saudi Arabia in the round of 16 teams at the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup, which will take place at the Education City Stadium in Al-Raiyan, Qatar at 1 a.m. on Saturday (Korea time). The winning team will face off against Australia in the quarterfinals.

Ahead of the game, Klinsmann said of Mancini, who took over in August, “I can see his prowess in 10 games, it’s a very good team, but we’re ready. We have strength, we have the mentality to believe that we can move on.”

He continued, “We have to believe that we can beat Saudi Arabia, but it takes a lot of effort and it’s going to be a fierce match and it could even go to a penalty shootout. In football, anything can happen, and we can’t predict what will happen next.”

Klinsmann finally said, “All we know is that we’ve trained hard over the last couple of weeks and we’ve got a goal. We’re focused. We’ve made some mistakes, but now that we’ve corrected them, we’re going to see a really exciting game.”

South Korea’s national team showed sluggish performance in the group stage with draws against Jordan and Malaysia after its opening match victory against Bahrain, and ended the group stage in second place in Group E, but Klinsmann still had confidence in the team’s performance.

“To be honest, I’m not afraid of anyone. I have no fear, but I have a lot of respect. I respect all the opponents that we play against. Mancini is doing a fantastic job. It’s a step-by-step process that he has to go through with the team. It’s a new adventure for me, and it’s also a new adventure for me to come to Korea and coach this fantastic team,” Klinsmann said.

Saudi Arabia is also not showing good performance right now. In the first group match against Oman, the team scored a dramatic goal in the extra time of the second half to narrowly win the game 2-1, and in the match against Tajikistan, it can be said that the team won the game because two Tajikistan players were sent off.

Mancini said, “Korea is a very goo d team, and even if we lost six goals in the group stage, there is no change in our power because we have good players. They score a lot of goals. Even if we lose points, we can see that if we attack, we have a chance to score.” 헤라카지노주소

He continued, “Our preparation is the same as other competitions, and nothing has changed. We are playing against the best teams in this tournament. Korea is a good team not only for the strikers but also for the whole team. He has the speed and skill with the players who play in Europe.”

Finally, he said, “He has good quality and he has a lot of experience. For us, it will be very important to play as a team. I think we have improved a lot over the past few months and I am thinking positively.”

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