If you win 20 times, isn’t it the most powerful MVP?”

The regular season MVP race is a two-way match between Roh Si-hwan (Hanwha) and Eric Peddy (NC). Coach Kang In-kwon mentioned the ‘Peddy trend’ when the KIA game in Gwangju on the 30th was canceled due to rain. In talking about the above, he emphasized the unique impact and control of the game as a starting pitcher.

Peddie is 16-5 in 22 games this season, with an ERA of 1.97, 132⅓ innings, 146 strikeouts, a batting average of 0.212, a WHIP of 1.00, and 15 quality starts. He ranks first in wins, earned run average, hit-and-run average, second in strikeouts, second in WHIP, and eighth in most innings pitched. In the first statistic, it clearly proves that he is the best pitcher this season.안전놀이터

What about the 2nd stat? Based on baseball statistics site Stats, WAR is 5.34, 3rd (pitcher 1st), defense irrelevant ERA (2.87), win probability contribution 5th (3.03), Cy Young points 67.8 points, 1st place. In many ways, it is true that he is a strong MVP candidate this season.

Moreover, Pedi was 1982 (24 wins – ERA 1.84) Park Chul-soon, 1985 (20 wins – ERA 1.92) Choi Dong-won, 1986 (24 wins – ERA 0.99), 1989 (21 wins – ERA 1.17), 1990 (22 wins) -ERA 1.13) Seon Dong-yeol, 1997 (20 wins-ERA 1.88) Following Kim Hyun-wook, he challenges to achieve 20 wins and an average ERA of 1 point at the same time in 26 years. If he achieves this record, which is the symbol of a super-class ace, he is expected to receive a significant bonus in the MVP race.

Director Kang In-kwon said, “Wouldn’t Peddy be the most influential. It is true that he leads the MVP race. If he only accumulates more wins, if he wins only 20, I think he will be the most powerful MVP. There is also Noh Si-hwan, but overall, it seems that the pitcher has an advantage when looking at the cases so far. If only 4 wins are good, in fact, if you look at the team, you need more than 4 wins, but I think 20 wins are enough.”

Coach Kang In-kwon worked with foreign aces representing the KBO, such as Dustin Nippert as Doosan coach and Drew Luczynski as NC coach. Regarding Peddy, he said, “The desire to win is different” than these pitchers. “Among the foreign players I have seen, the desire to compete and the fighting spirit are the strongest. And it seems that the type of pitch (sweeper) that others do not have stands out.”

Peddie has an average fastball of 149 km based on his stats this season. He has the stamina to easily shoot 150km, and he uses curves, sliders, and changeups evenly. The notation is curve and slider, but cutter and sweeper are mixed. He uses only 5 breaking balls on his moving fastball. Even all commands are good. It is also thanks to Peddy’s presence that there is a prospect that NC could have an accident if they go to fall baseball.

The only thing Director Kang worried about was his health. In fact, NC was the first team contacted in the 2022-2023 offseason, but other clubs also knew about Peddy’s departure from the Washington Nationals. However, due to his durability, he was not easily contacted. In fact, after Peddy made his minor league debut in 2015, the most innings in a season was 133⅓ in 2021.

But this year, he has already played 132⅓ innings. Director Kang said, “I was worried about that part. This is because if he is the first starter, he must go beyond 180 innings to 190 to 200 innings. I took it off once in the summer, but I was worried about injury. He is currently throwing well with no major problems with his body and body. He said, “I don’t know if there will be a stamina variable at the end of the season, but looking at his current condition, I think he will maintain good condition until the end.”

Durability is still the Achilles heel. In any case, the most important period of September-October has arrived. NC has been confident that Peddy’s health will be fine, and is on the verge of success. As for the NC, Peddy is expected to lead the team with strength in the postseason following the confirmation of the final 5 after successfully digesting Kim Hyun-wook 26 years ago and Seon Dong-yeol 33 years ago.

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