If a bullpen pitcher lost four times in six appearances, it should be regarded as lacking in capacity. There is no need to call a bullpen pitcher in the big leagues.

San Diego Padres Go Woo-suk, who is checking his condition in the minor league, made another blon save.

Double-A San Antonio Mission Go Woo-suk pitched in the bottom of the eighth inning with a 1-0 lead over Corpus Christi Hooks (under the Houston Astros) in an away game at Corpus Christi Field in Corpus Christi, Texas, on the 22nd (Korean time), and gave up three hits and one walk and allowed two runs in one inning, recording a Blon save and a loss together.

San Antonio suffered a 1-2 upset loss, marking an 8-7 record and maintaining third place in the Southern District.

Ko Woo-seok showed a sluggish performance in which he lost two hits and one run in two innings against Corpus Christi on the 19th, making his first blon save, and then losing another team win in three days.

Ko, who entered this season with Double A, had two losses, two saves and a 6.75 ERA in six games. He gave up 12 hits and one walk, allowed seven runs (six earned runs) and struck out 10 during eight innings. He allowed only one walk, but his hit rate reached 0.343 with his WHIP reaching 1.63.

Ko, who is still at a loss in Double-A, said, “It is hard to expect a Major League call-up. The San Diego Padres are calling up pitchers from Triple-A if they have vacancies on their mound in the big league.

He called up left-hander Adrian Morehorn from Triple-A when he was assigned Pedro Avila on the 13th, and recalled right-hander Logan Gillaspi from Triple-A when he was assigned to Darvish Yu on the injured list on the 18th. On the 21st, he sent Gillaspi back to Triple-A and registered right-hander Randy Vazquez.

On the same day, Ko was hit hard again. Ko took the mound as his team’s fourth pitcher in the bottom of the eighth inning with his team leading 1-0.

He was immediately in danger after being hit by a left-handed double while throwing a fastball to the leadoff Orlando Espinosa. Left-handed batter Jeremy Arocho made an infield hit towards third base with a bunt on the third pitch, so no outs and runners on the first and third bases. Ko Woo-seok then grounded Quincy Hamilton to the first baseman, but with one out and runners on the second and third bases, he gave up a two-run timely hit to Kennede Corona, who threw a low breaking ball in the middle of the fourth pitch at the ball count of 1B2S, and flew to the center field for a line drive, allowing the game to turn the game around 1-2.

Ko Woo-seok, who allowed Corona to steal second base, walked Miguel Palma on a full count and guided Colin Barber to a double play to second base to finish the inning.

Ko Woo-suk, who has taken the mound six times in Double A, lost four games. The atmosphere was good when he took the mound for the first time against the Amarillo Sword Puddles on the 6th. He showed a clean pitching by taking two strikeouts against three batters in one inning. His fastball speed was strong enough to hit a maximum of 96.24 miles (154.9 kilometers).

Two days later, he gave up four hits and allowed two runs in one inning against the same team, and at a home game against the North West Arkansas Naturals on the 12th, he gave up three hits in two innings and allowed two runs (one earned run). In the end, Ko lost 0-2 after a close game in the 10th inning, and Ko Woo-seok lost his first game of the season.

On the 15th, he seemed to survive by blocking the game against North West Arkansas with one scoreless inning, but he has lost two consecutive games since then.

Looking at Ko Woo-seok’s loss process, he often gets hits in a row. On the same day, the pattern of allowing two consecutive hits as soon as he took the mound and eventually getting hit by a timely hit in the scoring position was repeated. It reminds me of the KBO days that it is difficult to recover if I lose concentration. It doesn’t seem to be a speed problem. It is analyzed that the cause of the slump is the rush to the middle, high ball control, and hasty game management.

Ko struck out 10 times out of 36 hitters, but 12 out of 25 in-play hits were linked to hits. The BABIP stands at 0.480. If you get hit, it means that half of the hits are hits. This is proof that there are many mistakes and the end of the ball is weak. 퀸알바

Ko signed a two-year deal with the San Diego Padres for 4.5 million dollars. Combined with his mutual options and incentives, he will receive up to 9.4 million dollars for three years. This is not important to San Diego. What should be noted is the right to veto the minor league. Ko does not have the right to veto the minor league this year. However, he cannot send his players to the minor league without their consent next year. If he has the current level of skills, it will be a big problem.

Meanwhile, Japanese left-hander Yuki Matsui, who signed a five-year, $28 million contract last winter and wore a San Diego uniform, is drawing attention as he continues to make brilliant pitches with two wins, three holds and a 1.64 ERA in 12 games.

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