Vietnamese national representative Nguyen Van Toan (26), who chose to move abroad for the first time, and that to Korea, showed interest in Korean culture. He stuck out his tongue in the cold weather, but he quickly adapted to life in Korea and was enjoying the new challenge.

Ahead of the 2023 season, Van Toan moved from Hoang Anh Ja Lai to Seoul E-Land. He made his adult stage debut at Hoang Ain Ga Lai in 2015, and took the big challenge of leaving the team he had been with for 15 years, including his youth team days in 2007.

Van Toan, who entered the K-League stage under the influence of former Vietnamese soccer team coach Park Hang-seo and Seoul E-Land coach Park Choong-gyun, had to adapt to the cold weather in Korea.

E-Land started physical training at the clubhouse before the Thai field training in January, and has been conducting the second field training in Changwon since February 3rd.

Banto An, who responded to Media Day on the 14th, shook his head as soon as he heard a question about the weather. “It’s too cold compared to Vietnam. If it’s 15 degrees in Hanoi, it’s about 2 degrees here,” he said.

He continued, “When I practice in the stadium, it’s hard because my feet feel frozen. But it’s nice that it’s getting warmer now.”

Regarding the fact that he first played for an overseas club as a soccer player, he also said, “It’s difficult. After being in one team for 15 years in Vietnam, transferring to another team and moving abroad feels difficult.” A choice for ,” he replied.

Bantoan, who is just adjusting to life in Korea, picked jajangmyeon and bulgogi as his favorite foods. He continued, “I am learning the language thanks to the help of many Korean colleagues, and I am receiving private tutoring. I am happy to see Hangeul that I can read at a cafe.”

He said that the thing he most wants to do after coming to Korea is to visit YG Entertainment.

When asked if he had a particular favorite celebrity, he gave an unexpected answer instead of a girl group. It was the ‘Big Bang’. Van Toan laughed, saying that he especially likes G-Dragon.

Questions about Bantoan’s fashion were not left out. Through his personal SNS, he often posts well-dressed fashions in addition to his performances in the national team or his team. 먹튀검증

When asked how he felt about his fashion within the team, Van Toan showed humility. He said, “I don’t think I’m better. There are many fashionistas in Korea. I’m learning from Korean fashion. Korean fashion is very beautiful and good.”

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