Rumors have been circulating lately that Conte and Tottenham could part ways. Rumors of a disagreement with Chairman Daniel Levy arose, and even the possibility that he could resign if there was no satisfactory reinforcement in the winter transfer market was raised.

Conte’s contract ends at the end of this season. However, there is no talk of contract renewal yet. Rather, there are only rumors of a breakup.

According to the British media ‘Mirror’ on the 24th (Korean time), Manchester United legend Gary Neville gave a tip to manager Conte. Coach Conte, who is receiving full support, emphasized the need to lead the team for the long term.

Neville told British media ‘Sky Sports’, “There are rumors that Conte is dissatisfied with the club and will not sign a new contract. I feel very lucky to have Conte at Tottenham. (UEFA) put it up in the Champions League. They’re doing what they want. There’s not much difference in points from the Champions League right now.”

“From Conte’s point of view, what club is better than Tottenham right now?” he added.

“In the two transfer windows, he signed a value of £190 million. That’s not including Dejan Kulusevski, who is still on loan. That’s £200 million (about 305.2 billion won). Tottenham didn’t support him. It’s a wrong idea,” he said.

Tottenham and manager Conte’s long-term partnership will lead to success. “Coach Conte and Tottenham have to work hand in hand to sign a deal. They seem to be aimlessly wandering the road as if they are not a pair right now,” said Neville.


Meanwhile, coach Conte said in an interview with ‘Sky Sports’ after the 2022-23 season English Premier League round 21 Fulham away game, “I am proud to be Tottenham manager. It is clear. I will fight from the beginning of the season to the end.”

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