“Just like Daeho.”

Cha Woo-chan (37, retired), who boasted 112 wins in the KBO League and was a key pitcher during the Samsung Lions dynasty, carefully brought up the contract of Oh Seung-hwan (42, FA) through the YouTube channel Chit Chit Chit hosted by him and comedian Do Kwang-rok on the 12th.

Oh boasts a total of 522 saves between Korea, the U.S., and Japan, including 400 saves in the KBO League, 80 saves in the Japanese professional baseball league, and 42 saves in the Major League. He is already the best closing pitcher ever produced by a Korean baseball. However, his athletic ability has deteriorated over the past few years. Average speed has declined slightly, and he has seen some ups and downs. He is no longer a straightforward hitter. He will mix breaking balls a lot from some point on.

Oh seems to be negotiating with his former counterpart Samsung by effectively opening a single window in the 2023-2024 FA market. It seems that no compromise can be reached on detailed terms. The FA has its own rights, and the club must have a reason to offer conditions just like the club does.

Cha said the FA contract is sensitive, and he approached it as carefully as possible. “It says two years is guaranteed. When it comes to Samsung, it’s Seung-hwan. When it comes to Samsung, it’s Samsung. He also played in Japan and the U.S., but he is a Samsung one-club man. Retiring from Samsung is a given.”

Oh had four wins, five losses, 30 saves, and two holds with an ERA of 3.45 in 58 games in the 2023 season. He had two wins, three losses, 10 saves, and two holds with an ERA of 4.80 in 26 games in the first half, but showed an active performance with two wins, two losses and 20 saves with an ERA of 2.20 in 32 games in the second half. “It’s amazing that I saved 30,” KBSN sports commentator Kim Tae-kyun said on his YouTube channel. 마카오카지노

“Seunghwan’s salary in the 2023 season was 1.4 billion won, options were 300 million won, and 1.7 billion won. He did a great job last year, too. He cut the record in the first half, but showed himself in the second half. The club also brought in Kim Jae-yoon and created a closure,” Cha said.

When Do Kwang-rok said he should receive 2.5 billion won for two years, equivalent to Lee Dae-ho’s last FA contract (2.6 billion won for two years), Cha also agreed. “I loved it in the second half of the year. 30 saves is amazing. I think it’s also due to salary cap effect,” Cha said. “I wish I could sign a contract worth just 2.6 billion won like Dae-ho.”

“I’m cautious, but I hope I can enjoy it comfortably and play well until the end,” Cha said. “I think people aged 43 to 44 can play well. If I sign a two-year, 2.6 billion won contract, I think it will be good for younger and younger people. He is an indispensable pitcher for Samsung. He proved himself at the baseball stadium. He has a strong sense of responsibility anyway, so he will do his best and do well. If you wait a little longer, good news will come out.”

Will Cha Woo-chan be able to match the size of Oh’s contract to the FA? Only Samsung and Oh Seung-hwan know the conclusion.

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