Lee Hyun-joong (22, 202 cm) and Gage Prim (23, 205.7 cm) met at LA Lakers workout.

Lee Hyun-joong suffered an ankle bone and ligament injury during a workout with the Charlotte Hornets in June of last year and underwent surgery. He subsequently underwent a six-month rehabilitation process in South Korea. Expressing that he was in 100% physical condition, he left for LA on the 15th to try again for the NBA.

Lee Hyun-joong, who had a rehabilitation period in Korea, often appeared at the KBL Stadium. Also, he often watched KBL. Among them, while watching the Ulsan Hyundai Mobis game, he fell in love with the 1st option Gage Prim, and I have seen him somewhere… I searched my memory. He realized that it was the player he met at the LA Lakers workout held in June of last year.

Lee Hyun-joong said, “I was familiar with Prim’s face while watching Hyundai Mobis matches in Korea. Come to think of it, he was the player I met at the Lakers workout. Even then, Prim was very strong and grabbed the rebound hard.”

Then, how does Prim remember Hyunjoong Lee? He asked Prim if he remembered Hyunjoong Lee, whom he met at the Lakers workout. 토토사이트

“I remember,” said Prim. At that time, he was very good at shooting, so it is memorable. He explained, “I was surprised by how good he shot when he went back and forth on both sides of the court.”

Then, it was announced that Lee Hyun-joong had left for the United States to try again in the NBA. Prim said, “I hope you continue to work hard even after you go. He wants to cheer,” he said.

Two of the world’s 800,000 people have a special relationship because of the United States and Korea and basketball. Hyunjoong Lee, who went to the United States from Korea, and Prim, who came to Korea from the United States, support their respective basketball lives.

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